Finding suitable and appropriate work wear for the office can be a challenging and boring thing. Women in the office today want to look stylish, powerful, and business-like. With the changing fashion trends, one can find themselves torn between different styling options. But, the detail that never goes out of style and carries the highest dose of femininity and style is the tights

The market today offers an abundance of choices that are very suitable for the work environment. Under the motto of Back to basics – back to work, The Tight Spot has a broad collection of classic styles and varied collection of tights that are great for returning to work. Whether they are black tights, black patterned tights or sheer black tights, or the options are more than satisfying and fashionable.

To stay sophisticated, smart and stylish at work, check out the best styles of tights to wear to work this year and our handpicked list of the top 10 best-selling tights that you will need to have. 


What are the best tights to wear to work this year?

Work outfits and choice of work clothes most commonly suggest wearing pieces that are appropriate and suitable for the before-mentioned environment. That greatly refers to the lengths, hems, and tailoring of the pieces. However, all of the above-mentioned can be carefully and suitably combined with tights. 

There are different tights that can be worn to work. They include:


Black Sheer or Opaque tights

Black sheer or opaque tights are the number one choice for work. They are an option that you simply cannot go wrong with. Such tights provide a smart and sophisticated look and appearance. Above all, they are classic and timeless. With these tights, your outfit will be suitable for wearing with coloured or patterned work fashion pieces and garments.


Seamless Tights

Seamless tights are a wonderful choice and option for all those who would like to achieve the utmost comfort. Seamless hosiery creates a smooth look, which is great if wearing more delicate fabrics. The flat seams provide invisible hemlines ensuring your clothes are smooth and uninterrupted by seams, which is highly suggested for work wear outfits. 


Patterned Tights

Another great option for tights suitable for work is patterned tights. They are a wonderful choice to dress up the work outfit and make it look more fun and fashionable. The most suggested option is black patterned hosiery like polka dot tights that are ideal for wearing with plain clothes, thanks to their subtle yet smart details and high-fashion look! They will stand out in the entire outfit and are both discreet and appealing. 


Multipack Tights

Multipack tights are an investment that pays off. With The Tight Spot multipack collection, you will get the most out of your tights as well as stock up on some of the year’s favourites. A firm favourite among hosiery lovers and must-have multipack set is the Wolford tights range where you will get the ultimate luxury for less. 


Black TightsBlack Tights
Seamless TightsSeamless Tights
Patterned TightsPatterned Tights
Multipack TightsMultipack Tights


Explore our Top 10 Work Tights to look Professional and Sophisticated

If you are a tights lover, or even if you are just starting to explore all the different options when it comes to hosiery, here is a list of our handpicked top 10 work tights that are appropriate, suitable, fashionable, and the most convenient choice for the office. Take a look at our list!


Charnos 60 Denier Tights

Charnos 60 denier tights are the number one and the must-have option of tights in your tights drawer. They are the thick, warm, perfect option for those who want and need something classic and yet elegant. They feature a soft matt opaque coverage and cotton gusset, providing great comfort and style. They are the perfect choice for any day or night wear and outfit. Available in black, these tights are a timeless choice, and wardrobe staple for a number of occasions.


Wolford Velvet De Luxe 50 Tights

Something more elegant and luxurious comes in the version of Wolford Velvet De luxe 50 tights. The 50 denier is just the right option for a semi opaque tight. The matt finish provides a soft and velvety feeling, and the perfect fit is due to the excellent stretch created by the unique double-wrapped elastane yarns. For better comfort, these tights have a soft knitted waistband, cotton gusset, and shadow toe. They are available in two colours: black and admiral (navy). 


Giulia Positive Amalia Polka Dot Tights

The polka dots pattern is always an interesting and feminine option whilst being a very suitable way to upgrade your fashion style and look for the office. These tights come in a 20 denier finish, which makes the micro dot pattern stand out and come to light. As chic pieces of hosiery, they look very elegant and stylish which are available up to size XXXL. The smooth and sheer base is both subtle and effective for the office and they allow lots of styling options. 


Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Chic Seamed Tights

Another very chic option that is absolutely gorgeous yet professional for the office is the Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Chic Seamed tights. The main detail of these tights can be seen at the back, coming in the form of a back seam combined with their all over 15 denier finish creating a super glossy look. They are available in two colours, black and nude, both featuring a smart black seam.


Charnos 24/7 15 Denier 3 Pair Pack Tights

For easy and fashionable everyday style, this pack of sheer black tights offers great quality and value for the money. These 15 denier tights have a sheer matt finish and come in 6 different colour options, from classic nudes to timeless blacks. For the office, these tights will provide a flawless and smooth appearance on the legs. Stock up and save with this high-value multipack, allowing you to enjoy 3 pairs for just £6.95!


Giulia Positive Polka Dot TightsGiulia Positive Polka Dot Tights
Cecilia de Rafael Seamed TightsCecilia de Rafael Seamed Tights
Charnos 60 Denier Opaque TightsCharnos 60 Denier Opaque Tights
Wolford Velvet de Luxe 50 TightsWolford Velvet de Luxe 50 Tights


Wolford Satin Touch Comfort Tights

There is nothing more comfortable and suitable for the skin than the satin feeling of tights. The Wolford Satin Touch Comfort tights are designed to deliver just that. Enjoy a touch of luxury in your day-to-day outfits thanks to the silky satin finish, stay comfortable all day long with the deep waistband for a smooth and sleek finish under clothing. These long-lasting shiny tights are available in 18 different colour options, perfect for changing up your workwear!


Gabriella Beth Patterned Tights

The right pattern of tights can deliver an amazing and extraordinary look and style. These Gabriella Beth Patterned tights come with a modern square pattern which offer a fabulous way to add a high-fashion element to your workwear and switch the attention to the legs. The smooth touch with velvet finish is perfectly combined with the checked pattern, making these tights a wonderful option to upgrade your work outfit. Available in black, they are a fancy and trendy way to bring something new to your styling. 


Wolford Neon 40 3 for 2 Tights

The Wolford Neon 40 3-for-2 pack tights are renowned for their utmost luxury material and perfect fit. The 40 deniers, the barely visible toe reinforcement, and the cotton gusset are just some of the excellent properties of these high-quality tights. They provide an elegant shiny finish and are available in 4 different colours. With these tights, you will enjoy maximum comfort and durability to wear time and time again. 


Platino Sinn Seamless 50 Denier Tights

With a seamless design and deep waistband, these 50 denier opaque tights are a cosy and comfortable solution to add to your office wear. Available in two colours, black, and caffe, they provide a flattering and beautiful appearance. The deep waistband makes them a joy to wear on days at the office and the soft matt finish gives a luxury look. They are warm enough for the colder weather and are an elegant and stylish option to upgrade your skirt or dress work outfit. 


Fiore Distinct Stripe Tights

Other great patterned tight are the Fiore Distinct Stripe tights. The diagonal stripe pattern designed to elongate the legs creates a perfectly stylish option to add some variety to office wear. They are also eye-catching and striking, thanks to their alternating sheer and opaque design. The design is both classic and playful and will most certainly provide a wonderful appearance. 


Wolford Neon 40 TightsWolford Neon 40 Tights
Gabriella Black Patterned TightsGabriella Black Patterned Tights
Platino Sinn 50 Denier Seamless TightsPlatino Sinn 50 Denier Seamless Tights
Fiore Stripe TightsFiore Stripe Tights

Be comfortable and fashionable all day long with smart work tights

Feeling comfortable in the clothes you wear adds bigger and greater confidence, and the right pair of tights can contribute to that. For the office, a combination of comfort and fashionability perfectly blends in with the options that are available at The Tight Spot. If you are ready to upgrade and work on your fashion style, be sure to take a look at our selection of smart work tights.