Whether your old tights and pantyhose are laddered, snagged or have a small hole, rather than throw them away to landfill, here are some top tips to reuse them. 


1. Home Fresheners

Whether it is your sock drawer, back of the wardrobe or any closet, cut off the footed part of the tights, fill it with dried flowers, potpourri or herbs and tie it off with a knot to secure. You can always add a ribbon to prettify. Simply refresh the scent by adding a few drops of essential oils.


2. Deodorise the Home

The back of the fridge, under the sink and those hard areas that are often overlooked. Using the footed part of your tights, pour in with half cup of baking soda, 10-15 drops of lemon juice and tie a knot to secure it. Place this at the back of the fridge or the area you want to deodorise.


3. Desk Bands

Replace the usual elastic bands that you reach for and instead use strips of tights to bundle together items to keep them in place. Simply cut straight across the legs of tights and you’ve got a ready made elastic band! 


4. Organise Wallpaper or Wrapping Paper Rolls

Storing left over wallpaper or wrapping paper? Then old tights are the best solution. Cut off the leg and slide the roll of paper inside to keep it neat, tidy and protected. 


5. Stuffing or Re-stuffing Toys

If cuddle toys or that favourite bean bag that has lost some of its original stuffing, pop in some old pantyhose to give a nice plush feel.


6. Packing Solution

Put a pair of shoes inside the leg of the old tights and put a lose knot at the end. Now you have your shoes kept together, protected and a great way to pack in your suitcase.


7. Cleaning

Need your shoes or glass shined or metals polished? Then tights are your answer. Snip your tights and scrunch up into a knot. The nylon cleans without leaving a scratch.


8. Remove Nail Polish

Using the pantyhose legs push into a small container and pour some nail polish remover in. Now you can dip your fingers in and twist around to remove the polish. The knit of the tights adds the gentle amount of abrasion needed to remove the nail polish without damaging the nails.


9. Hair Ties, Headbands & Scrunchies

An old pair of tights can be used for many hair accessories. Simply cut off the toe parts and cut across the footed section in one-inch bands to create a simple hair tie. Cut as many ties as you want and when you get past the thigh you can turn the tights into a wider hairband. Or for a more fancy ones try using any lace stockings, hold ups or tights.


10. Soap on a Rope or Bath Bomb

Put soap or any old bits of soap in the toes of old pantyhose or even get creative with a homemade skin remedy using oats! Fill the foot section of your tights and tie the ends shut. Now you have a soap-on-a-rope the with the nylon acting as a scrubbie for when you shower or bath.


11. Washing Bag

Using a washbag when washing delicate items helps to keep them fresh and wearable for longer. But you don’t need to buy one necessarily, simply fashion on from any pair of old tights! Use the leg of your old tights, add your delicate items in and tie a knot at the end. Simple.


12. Laundry Line 

Use the legs of old pantyhose to make an indoor drying line for delicate hosiery items. The soft nylon is kinder to them. Alternatively, you can braid some pantyhose legs together to make an outdoor laundry line. The braiding of the tights will give a strong line.


13. Onion Rope

A great way to keep your onions and garlic together. Onions can stay fresh for up to six months but that is of course if you store them well. Pantyhose are a great solution. Place one onion in the foot the tights and knot. Repeat this process until both legs are full. Hang the pantyhose in a cool, dry and dark place. When you need an onion just cut one off. Don’t forget this can work for other vegetables too.


14. Garden Bulbs

Keep your flower bulbs neatly by storing them into the hosiery foot. The breathable nylon fabric helps protect them and is a great organiser.


15. Support and secure your Plants

For plants that need a little bit of extra support your old tights are perfect for the job. Cut your old pantyhose to make a soft tie to bind your plant to a stake. The tights are soft enough not to choke the plant in its growth and strong enough not to let it fall. Nylon is gentle for delicate plants and is kinder than using twine which can be fiddly and cause damage to your plants.


16. Line your Planters

Nylon tights are ideal for lining your planters and flower pots before filling with soil as they help keep every bit inside.