Valentine's Day is a special occasion to celebrate love. The aim is to be romantic and have quality time together, which additionally encourages dressing up for the occasion. Create an irresistible, elegant and sensual look with help from our romantic hosiery section.

Sexy hosiery, crotchless styles, suspenders, hold-ups, stockings, and many more options are all great choices when it comes to spicing up Valentine's Day outfits. Whether you opt for a night out, date night, or will stay at home for a romantic dinner, all of the above-mentioned options will help you create a sensual and flirtatious look. 

At The Tight Spot, we have the most versatile Valentine’s Day inspired tights and stockings collection. The options are so different that everyone will most definitely find something they like and perhaps create an element of surprise!


Black Suspender TightsBlack Suspender Tights
Crotchless TightsCrotchless Tights
White Suspender TightsWhite Suspender Tights
Chain Suspender TightsChain Suspender Tights

What to wear this Valentine’s day

Here are some interesting recommendations for ultimate sex appeal. Take a look!


Crotchless tights

Crotchless tights are an easy, stylish and effective option if you like to achieve a classic look under your outfit with a sexy secret ! They are the perfect option for a sexy date night, which will definitely spice things up! 


These are our recommendations:


Gabriella Erotica Fiera Seamed Open Crotch Tights

The black and red combination of the Gabriella tights screams drama and erotica. This is a high-end style that provides the utmost sensual and seductive style and appearance. The details like the red back seam and decorations around the open gusset offer a one-of-a-kind appearance.


Giulia Intimo Fashion Heart Tights

Nothing describes Valentine’s Day better than a beautiful heart pattern. These romantic tights feature just that, with a decorative all-over heart design combining subtle black and red hearts. With a sheer black base, these 20 denier tights have an open crotch and a smooth and sheer appearance. With the cut-out gusset, you will definitely want to show them off. 


Marilyn Bow Tassel Crotchless Tights

Very pretty and cute, the Marilyn Bow Tassel tights are a beautiful and unique option to spice up the look this Valentine’s Day. With an open gusset and the smooth silky finish these tights are absolutely gorgeous. The satin bow is the perfect addition that adds a romantic vibe to finish them off beautifully.


Wolford Individual 12 Stay Hip Tights

Wolford Stay Hip tights provide a fashionable and luxurious look to traditional tights and stockings. Designed in 12 deniers, with two-part garments and high-stretch hip panels that create a crotchless effect, perfect for an expensive look and feel on Valentine’s Day. 




Suspender tights


What makes suspender tights a great option for Valentine's Day outfits is that they provide the illusion of a stocking and suspender belt. The unique design offers comfort without the need for clips and fastenings. Not only do they look super sensual, sexy, and sultry, the suspender tights are excellent choices both for Valentine’s Day and dressing up for a date night. 


These are our recommendations:


Fiore Amour Strip Panty Tights

The matt finish of these 20 denier strip panty tights is what makes them the perfect option for those who want something sexy yet understated. The gorgeous, scalloped design on the strip panty area create a luxury look and the overall sheer finish makes them the perfect tights to pair with multiple outfits. They come in three colours: black, tan, and white. 


Trasparenze Strip Panty Suspender Tights 

With a slight sheen finish, these transparent tights come in 4 different colours, among which red is one of them and an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day. These tights offer a smooth silhouette thanks to the flat, comfort waistband and are designed in a strip panty style for a discreet surprise on those intimate occasions. What is an added bonus is that they can be worn with summer shoes too with their handy sheer toe. Whether you choose to wear them for everyday outings or a sexy night out, they will provide a gorgeous and stylish look and feel.  


Giulia Intimo Noir Mock Suspender Tights 

Achieve a high-end vintage look with these Giulia suspender tights. With the mock suspender design featuring a delicate floral detail and high comfort waist, the Giulia Intimo Noir mock suspender tights are fabulous and dramatic hosiery that will make you feel sexy and beautiful inside out. They also feature an open gusset, which allows you to spice things up after date night. Available in two different colour options, these tights are very romantic. 

Heart Crotchless TightsHeart Crotchless Tights
Suspender Tights Suspender Tights
Bow Crotchless TightsBow Crotchless Tights
Polka Dot SuspendersPolka Dot Suspenders



Another great alternative to regular tights is hold-ups. They are very sexy and deliver a powerful and feminine look. What makes them extra supportive and comfortable is the secure thigh cuff that ensures they will stay on, for the entire night. They look stunning with any outfit that you will choose for Valentine's Day or a night date. 


These are our recommendations:


Fiore Diamond Hold Ups

Featuring 15 deniers and diamond design with a fishnet look, the Fiore Diamond hold-ups are subtle and romantic hold-ups that every woman needs to have in her hosiery drawer. Available in two colours, these hold-ups have a deep lace top decorated with a floral detail and a sheer smooth finish. 


Pearl & Poseidon Amara Hold Ups 

These high-shine hold-ups can create a vintage style and look. The oily look, the narrow ½ inch bands, and the high-length back seam are something new and extraordinary that will deliver a great and unexpected look. Available in 4 different colour options, these hold-ups will add magic to Valentine’s Day outfits. 


Trasparenze Pennac Hold Ups 

Classic yet very effective, these silky hold-ups feature a fashionable seam detail running from the top of the thigh right down to the heel. The Trasparenze Pennac Hold Ups are 20 denier and therefore offer a sexy sheer finish, available in a black and nude option. The delicate floral lace detail on the band is super feminine and romantic. 






For those who want something highly flirtatious and sensual, stockings are the perfect hosiery choice that will bring all the drama to a steamy date night. They are an ideal option for a Valentine’s Day outfit. The look they provide is similar to the hold-ups and the suspender tights, however they are worn slightly differently, with a suspender belt that keeps them in place. 


These are our recommendations:


Fiore Matrix Stockings 

The Fiore Matrix Stockings feature a flattering 30 denier chain pattern from thigh toe, designed to elongate the legs and help you achieve an elegant yet sexy and look. Coming in black, they are a classic option for a Valentine’s Day outfit thanks to the high-detail and semi sheer finish. 


Miss Naughty Gloss Stockings

Created and designed from high-quality luxury yarn, these 15 denier stockings are an excellent every day and night option for those who want to add a sexy vibe to their looks. Especially great for Valentine’s Day, Miss Naughty stockings are available in three different colours that make the styling even easier. The high shine and gloss deliver the ultra-polished look of the legs, with strength and durability that will last for a long time. 


Cecilia de Rafael Barbara Stockings 

The satin and shiny finish is something that makes these stockings look extra luxurious. The plain top and the reinforced toe are supportive and comfortable. As for the look, the dose of vintage style is what makes them even more attractive. They are available in three different colours, suitable for different stylings. 


Patterned Hold UpsPatterned Hold Ups
Black StockingsBlack Stockings
Fashion StockingsFashion Stockings
Black Hold UpsBlack Hold Ups

Bodysuits and Bodystockings


Still in Valentine's Day-inspired outfits and looks, something that will increase and accentuate the sex appeal is bodysuits and bodystockings which is a great option for something fresh and different. Such pieces will follow the line of the body, providing a shaping and curving effect on the body as well as delivering a body-confident look and feel. 


These are our recommendations:


Passion Net Crotchless Bodystocking 

This crotchless bodystocking is a very sexy and seductive piece of hosiery. Being available in three different colors, it allows different options for styling. The open gusset and the intricate floral design across the chest and lace detail down the body delivers an absolutely exquisite look and appearance. It is reversible and will surely deliver an extra dose of excitement.  


Miss Naughty Mesh Sheer Bodysuit 

Bodysuits are really trending on the fashion scene today. This mesh sheer bodysuit, available in black, is the perfect option for Valentine's Day. It looks both classy and stylish, with a silky smooth finish for added glam. It can be worn with a blazer over it, or just as a piece of lingerie. The high neck also adds to the classic look of the bodysuits and the 30-denier sheer finish creates ultimate sex appeal.


Pearl & Poseidon Desponia Ultra High Shine Chest High Tights

These unusual high-body super shiny tights are something that will make you feel very sexy. Available in even 4 different colours, these 10 denier sheer tights, look and feel more like a strong 30 denier and will provide a robust, yet irresistible look and feel on any romantic evening surrounding Valentine’s Day. 

Net BodystockingNet Bodystocking
Sparkly BodysuitSparkly Bodysuit
Black Fishnet BodystockingBlack Fishnet Bodystocking
Sheer Mesh BodysuitSheer Mesh Bodysuit

Show off your sexy side this Valentine’s Day with our top picks

With such unique, colourful, and romantic-inspired hosiery, your Valentine's Day will definitely be the one to remember. Go outside the box of your regular and standard looks and pick some of the sexy and romantic hosiery and suspender tights from our special selection.