Crotchless tights (also known as open crotch tights) are a huge hit with many hosiery lovers! Not only does this style of hosiery help you achieve a sexy and sultry look, crotchless tights also have plenty of health benefits including their ability to provide ventilation and breathability whilst allowing you to stay fresh all day long. From top hosiery brands such as Miss Naughty, Amour, Miss O and many more, we're sure you'll find the perfect pair of crotchless tights for any occasion. Choose from super shiny tights, seamed tights and patterned crotchless tights!

The idea of shopping for crotchless tights / pantyhose or lingerie might take a minute or two to get used to. While it can feel odd at first, these open gusset tights are a gamechanger for your lingerie drawer. They’re some of the most seductive tights you’ll find, instantly alluring with their teasing silhouette.

If you’re looking for sexy lingerie or a way to update your underwear for summer, look no further than crotchless tights. At The Tight Spot, crotchless pantyhose are one of our favourite styles. With spring in bloom and summer just around the corner, we’re digging into our closets to bring out our favorite crotchless tights.

We’re deep diving into this style of tights, sharing the health benefits and the 10 crotchless tights that are worthy of an ‘add to cart’ moment.


What are Crotchless Tights?


Crotchless tights (also known as pantyhose) are a style that is exactly what they sound like. They’re your classic tight design without the cotton gusset that sits under your intimate area.

As well as being a sexier style, crotchless tights are often more comfortable to wear and more hygienic. If you find standard tights irritating to wear, the crotchless style could be a gamechanger for you. It’s the perfect choice for styling with your most seductive lingerie for any special occasion.


The Health Benefits of Crotchless Tights


You might think that crotchless tights are just a fashion statement. This style also brings with it several health benefits that will have you adding them to your regular rotation.

One of the main benefits of these seamless tights is that they’re more hygienic, offering better ventilation with less surface area for bacteria to develop. With the temperatures starting to rise, these crotchless tights will keep you looking cool and stylish all summer long.

Wearing crotchless tights can help prevent yeast infections which affect millions of women around the world every year. As a more comfortable style, crotchless tights give you more freedom to move without being confined by a gusset.


The Top 10 Crotchless Tights to Click ‘Add to Cart’ On


Are you not sure where to start with crotchless tights? We’re sharing our top ten styles that include seamless shiny tights that are the perfect investment in your lingerie store. Each of these styles is worthy of being an impulse purchase to get your closet ready for spring and summer.


Amour Lolita Spot Crotchless Tights

At The Tight Spot, we’re fans of quirky tights with a feminine pattern. The ‘Lolita’ style by Amour gives you a crotchless silhouette with a fun spot pattern and lace waistband. These patterned tights are a pair that you can wear all summer long. Style with heels and your favorite dress for a go-to weekend look.


Miss Naughty Oily Look & Feel Shiny Lace Top Seamless Crotchless Tights

Some of our best-selling styles are shiny tights. This 15-denier style has a wet-look finish with a crotchless and seamless silhouette. Like all Miss Naughty tights, this style is available in up to size XXXL. If you’re trying the crotchless style for the first time, this pair is a great choice to start with.

The lace waistband gives these tights an elegant finish while helping to hold them in place for all-day wear. These shiny tights are the perfect accessory for date night.


Giulia Intimo Noir Mock Suspender Tights

Do you love the look of suspenders but hate wearing them? We’ve found the perfect solution. These budget-friendly Giulia Hosiery tights incorporate a mock suspender look that is feminine and seductive. The crotchless style gives you the perfect chance to show off a pair of matching underwear.


Miss Naughty Metallic Shine Crotchless Tights

Some of our favorite shiny tights incorporate the crotchless design. If you want to add a bold color to your lingerie drawer, Miss Naughty is here for you. These metallic shine crotchless tights have a high shine finish and come in an ‘80s-inspired bright fuchsia color. Explore more coloured tights.


Fiore Twilight Crotchless Tights

If the health benefits of crotchless tights have caught your eye, you might be wanting to incorporate the style into your daily closet. The ‘Twlight’ tights by Fiore Hosiery are 40-denier with a built-in semi-sheer boxer brief for a comfortable fit.


Amour Lolita Crotchless TightsAmour Lolita Crotchless Tights
Miss Naughty Lace Top Crotchless TightsMiss Naughty Lace Top Crotchless Tights
Giulia Suspender tightsGiulia Suspender tights
Miss Naughty Shiny Crotchless TightsMiss Naughty Shiny Crotchless Tights

Miss Naughty Oily Look & Feel Shiny Chest High Crotchless Tights

Do you know what’s better than seamless tights? Chest high crotchless tights. These shiny tights double as shapewear to give you a seamless look, making them the ultimate accessory for style with a bodycon dress. You can wave goodbye to visible tights lines!


Amour Diva Seamed Mock Thigh High Crotchless Tights

Another brand that is great for versatile seamless tights is Amour. The ‘Diva’ style incorporates a mock garter for a budget-friendly luxury look. The lace waistband elevates your lingerie and is the perfect pairing with a pair of silk panties. Add them to your everyday closet or save them for a special occasion.


Trasparenze Cortina Opaque Suspender Tights

If you’ve fallen in love with the crotchless style and want to wear them in the colder months, check out this 100-denier style by Trasparenze Hosiery. These opaque tights have satin edging, a comfortable waistband, and an on-trend cut-out design that shows off your lingerie.


Miss Naughty 100 Denier Blackout Crotchless Tights

When in doubt, keep it classic. These blackout tights by Miss Naughty are a transitional style you can wear all year long. The slight sheen finish gives them a luxurious feel, while the opaque yarn is soft against your skin. Like the other Miss Naughty style, these elegant plus size tights are available in up to a size XXXL.


Fiore Ouvert Opaque Crotchless Tights

If you want crotchless tights that are a transitional style to wear all year round, look for a pair with a higher denier for extra warmth. These 80-denier tights have an open crotch with a soft silky finish that gives them a luxury feel. If you crotchless tights that won’t break the bank, this style is a great investment in your lingerie drawer.

This Fiore style is made using 3D technology that creates a silky texture that allows for stretch to withstand wear and tear with an invisibly reinforced toe.


Which of these styles will you be purchasing? Let us know in the comments below! You can shop our curated collection of crotchless tights or browse our collection of multipacks to stock up on your favourite's and save!


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Chest High Crotchless TightsChest High Crotchless Tights
Amour Diva Seamed TightsAmour Diva Seamed Tights
Trasparenze Opaque TightsTrasparenze Opaque Tights
Opaque Crotchless TightsOpaque Crotchless Tights

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