When it comes to choosing tights, there's more to think about than just the colour of your tights and whether or not to buy patterned tights. You also need to think about denier. But what does denier mean?

What Does Denier Mean in Tights?

Denier is a term often used when buying hosiery, and it’s a crucial factor in determining the thickness and transparency of tights. The term denier is referred to as the thickness of hosiery but, to be more specific, denier refers to the weight of the yarn that was used to make the item. A higher denier of yarn results in a thicker pair of tights. 

Hosiery usually ranges in denier from around 5 denier (known as sheer tights, up to as high as 200 denier or more (opaque tights). Understanding denier is essential to selecting the right pair for your outfit, environment and occasion. In this guide, we'll break down what different tight deniers mean and how to work out what denier tights would be the best choice for your needs.

What is Denier in Tights?

Denier is a unit of measurement that represents the thickness of individual fibres used in making tights and other hosiery. Tight denier is measured in grams per 9,000 metres of thread. The higher the number in denier, the thicker and more opaque your tights will be.

What Denier Tights Should I Choose?

Sheer Tights (5-20 Denier)

What denier are sheer tights? 5-8 Denier Tights are considered sheer tights. These are ultra-sheer tights that provide a nearly bare-leg appearance while offering a subtle airbrushing effect for leg perfection! Ideal for special occasions and hot weather due to their lightweight yet durable finish, they offer minimal coverage and maximum impact. Brands like Falke, Pearl & Poseidon and Wolford offer a great range of low-denier tights that don’t compromise on quality and longevity. 

10-15 Denier Tights: These tights strike a balance between sheer and semi-sheer. Choose from plain nude tights for a super smooth and natural look or pick funky patterned tights that feature a cool design to elevate your outfits. They are versatile and can be worn with both formal and casual attire.

20 Denier Tights: These are slightly more opaque, 20 denier tights offer better coverage while still being lightweight on the legs. 20 denier tights are perfect for workwear as you can wear them with a skirt or dress. They come in an lots of patterns and colours for a simple wardrobe update from season to season.


Falke Natural Glow 6 Denier Tights

Pure 10 Denier Wolford Tights

15 Denier Pretty Polly Sparkle Spot Patterned Tights

20 Denier Satin Touch Wolford Tights

Semi-Opaque / Semi-Sheer Tights (30-40 Denier)

30 Denier: This denier of tights is a great all-rounder for wearing year-round, as they provide a little more coverage than sheer tights, yet are not as thick as opaque tights, ensuring a lightweight feel and breathability. Brands such as Charnos, Cecilia de Rafael and Amour offer a great selection of denier tights in a variety of sheer styles, patterns and nude tights.

40 Denier: These pantyhose are a bit thicker and more opaque, 40 denier tights are excellent for adding warmth while maintaining a semi-sheer appearance. They are great for transitional seasons! Higher denier tights can really help bright-coloured tights pop, patterned tights designs stand out more and high-fashion tights give that WOW! factor. 

30 Denier Charnos Satin Semi Opaque Tights

30 Denier Fiore Footloose Floral Tights

40 Denier Wolford Neon 40 Tights

40 Denier Pure Shimmer Concealer Shiny Wolford Tights

What Is The Thickest Denier Tights?

The thickest denier tights available can vary, but typically,  start around 50 denier and can go up to 200 denier or higher. The higher the denier, the thicker and more opaque the tights will be. 

Opaque Tights (50+ Denier)

50 Denier: Opaque tights with 50 denier or more offer full coverage and a solid base. These are perfect for colder days, as they provide warmth and a polished look. If you’re looking for work tights for winter, we’d recommend deniers around this range to keep you warm and comfortable.

60-80 Denier: As the denier gets higher, so does the opacity. These tights are a great choice for autumn and winter tights, adding style and comfort to your wardrobe. Opaque tights create a cosy and comfortable feel on the legs, adding warmth to your outfits. 

100 Denier and Above: These are thick, completely opaque tights that can even function as an alternative to leggings in the chilliest weather. They're a must-have for staying warm and stylish during the winter months. If you’re seeking a super cosy option, explore our wool tights collection.


50 Denier Oroblu Tweed Sparkly Tights

80 Denier Trasparenze Ankara Patterned Tights

100 Denier Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights

300 Denier Couture Velvet Fleece Lined Tights

Understanding denier is key to making the right choice when it comes to tights. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event, adding a touch of style to your everyday outfit, or staying warm in winter, the denier of your tights plays a vital role in achieving the look and comfort you desire. By considering the denier, you can select the perfect pair of tights to suit your needs, ensuring that you not only look great but also feel comfortable all day long. Shop our full collection of tights in every denier imaginable!