Add stockings to your wardrobe for a sultry, flirtatious style that is sure to make heads turn. This unmistakably feminine range comes in a variety of styles including sheer, opaque, back seam and more. Our leg-lengthening stockings collection are designed to thrill and accentuate your gorgeous legs. For a basic stocking look that feels sensational we recommend Trasparenze Luxury Sara Stockings for their great value and Italian quality.

What's the Difference Between Stockings and Hold Ups? 

Although hold ups and stockings are very similar in look and feel there is a big difference in the way they are applied. Stockings require suspender belts to keep them in place, whereas hold ups feature a silicone band inside the top cuff that sticks to your thigh so they stay up without the use of belts and clips.

How To Attach Stockings to Suspenders 

If you’re wanting to purchase a pair of stockings but aren’t sure how to attach them to a suspender belt or garter belt, just follow these simple steps:

-Step 1: Put on your stockings and garter belt
-Step 2: Attach the clasps of the garter to the stockings – the best place to attach them is about an inch from the top. If you go deeper than the clasp this will cause the material to bunch up.
-Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for the rest of the straps of the garter belt (The number of straps varies between suspender belt styles - some have 4 straps, some 6 or more!)

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  1.  Fiore Louise 20 Denier Dot Stockings
  2.  Fiore Matrix Patterned Stockings
  3.  Fiore Provoke Seamed Stockings
  4.  Fiore Segreta 20 Denier Stockings
  5.  Fiore Madame Seamed Stockings
  6.  Fiore Malena Dotty Stockings
  7.  Fiore Marlena Seamed Stockings
  8.  Fiore Amante Amour Stockings
  9.  Fiore Intense 20 Stockings
  10.  Fiore Diva Seamed Patterned Stockings
  11.  Fiore Jordana Floral Top Stockings
  12.  Fiore Burlesque Fishnet Stockings
  13.  Fiore Sabado 20 Denier Stockings
  14.  Fiore Marion Dot Stockings
  15.  Fiore Edvige Seamed Pattern Top Stockings
  16.  Fiore Scarlett Seamed Stockings
  17.  Fiore Eclipse Floral Top Stockings
  18.  Fiore Misty Moon Glitter Stockings
  19.  Sensual Sexy Fiore Gift Set
  20.  Fiore Vanity 40 Denier Stockings
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