Leggings are a wardrobe essential. They cover all areas of life from running errands, relaxing at home, work wear and every party wear! This not only means they are great pieces to have in your wardrobe but means that the styles and different finishes are endless. From basic black leggings to lace and colourful designs, we’ve got leggings to suit any occasion. Just like trousers they can be incorporated into any style and are extremely comfortable for all-day wear.


Crotchless Leggings

Crotchless Tights or Crotchless Leggings are more hygienic due to the open crotch that provides ventilation for intimate areas. Wearing crotchless tights helps prevent the build-up of bacteria, so the wearer feels comfortable and fresh! 

Wolford leggings

Having a good stock of basic, value leggings is never a bad thing, however if you wear leggings a lot, investing in a high-quality pair of Wolford Leggings from Wolford Tights means this wardrobe foundation will always be fresh, last much longer and not start to bobble, tear or give the dreaded see-through brief area. Luxury Wolford leggings are not only be made of higher quality materials which consider longevity, they also have a more flattering cut to give a smooth shape with a good level of elasticity to avoid bagging or sagging. 


Lace Leggings

We love these leggings from Falke to dress up casual wear or to wear at fancy events. These lace leggings look like lace tights and are very elegant and feminine. The lace forms a beautiful rose design and delicate dots which boasts romance. The elasticated ankle cuffs and waistband ensures these leggings are very comfortable for long wear and the materials used are made of sustainable recycled yarn supporting sustainable fashion

Wet Look Leggings

Leather leggings are the trend of the moment and look amazing with casual or formal wear. Match wet look leggings with a crisp t-shirt and sneakers for a sleek casual look or with a sheer bodysuit or tuxedo jacket for a luxury evening look. Comfortable, easy to wear and endlessly stylish these leggings are ultra-chic. The right pair will be a trusty fashion friend you can rely on for a fashionable look for any occasion, any time.

Seamless Leggings

Seamless leggings and tights are super comfortable and look and feel luxurious. There is no gusset or thigh seams as seamless tights and leggings are strategically knitted in one piece instead of sewing two legs together which creates a centre seam in ordinary tights.

Commando's Faux Suede Leggings are a gorgeous subtle black seamless legging that adds texture and style to your outfit. These high-rise leggings are stretchy so you can wear them comfortably. Features Commando's signature internal smoothing waistband which gives these leggings a seamless and luxurious look and feel.

Footless Leggings

Footless tights and leggings may have a similar appearance, but the difference is that footless tights have the seams and sometimes a gusset in the brief area that leggings don't have. Leggings you can usually wear as trousers, footless tights you can't.


These Velvet 66 Wolford Footless Leggings are opaque and velvety soft with a matt finish. A very useful and sophisticated essential accessory for the entire year. Black Wolford leggings can be combined in many creative ways and give every look that individual touch, whether with a skirt, dress or jumper

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  1.  FALKE Seamless Leggings
  2.  Aurora Wolford Leggings
  3.  Cecilia de Rafael Luxury 100 Denier Leggings
  4.  Cecilia de Rafael Bulgaria Wet-Look Leggings
    Cecilia de Rafael Bulgaria Wet-Look Leggings
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  5.  Giulia Seamless Leggings
  6.  Giulia Rosebud Patterned Leggings
    Giulia Rosebud Patterned Leggings
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  7.  Pretty Polly Biodegradable Seam Free Leggings
  8.  Satin Touch Wolford Leggings
  9.  Commando Perfect Control Faux Leather Leggings
  10.  Silky Everyday Leggings
  11.  Silky Zebra Patterned Animal Print Leggings
    Silky Zebra Patterned Animal Print Leggings
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  12.  Sensation Wolford Leggings
  13.  Gipsy Glitter Footless Tights
  14.  Pamela Mann 50 Denier Footless Tights
  15.  Perfect Fit Wolford Leggings
  16.  Trasparenze Achille Faux Leather Leggings
    Trasparenze Achille Faux Leather Leggings
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  17.  Velvet 66 Wolford Leggings
  18.  Commando Faux Leather Animal Control Leggings
    Commando Faux Leather Animal Control Leggings
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  19.  Wolford Estella Leggings
    Wolford Estella Leggings
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  20.  Leg Avenue Spandex Romper
  21.  FALKE Soft Merino Wool and Cotton Leggings
  22.  Cecilia de Rafael Piton Animal Print Leggings
    Cecilia de Rafael Piton Animal Print Leggings
    Special Price £6.95 Regular Price £15.95
  23.  Couture Velvet Fleece Footless Tights
  24.  Fiore Notte Footless Tights
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