Face Masks For School

New regulations mean that kids across the UK must wear face masks at school. Students are expected to wear face masks in communal areas of schools such as corridors, where it is difficult to keep up social distancing. This follows advice from the WHO which recommends that children over twelve years old should wear face coverings under the same conditions as adults.

We have a range of kids face masks, teenagers face masks and small face masks to suit you or your child’s needs. For those who are too cool for school, we have lots of small patterned face masks which will not only protect you from airborne bacteria and viruses but will also look great! Some of our favourites for this includes the Slanj face masks and Miss Naughty Mask. We have a range of non-distracting plain face masks such as black face masks which are perfect for the school environment. This includes the Falke and San Pellegrino Face Masks. All of the face masks we provide can also be worn outside of school and come in larger sizes for teachers or parents on the school run!

 It is important that your child’s face mask fits them well in order to create the most effective barrier, so if you are unsure about which size to get, we recommend adjustable face masks which can be adapted to fit their head. We love the Katie May mask for this which comes in lots of different colours! For further protection, we also sell face mask filters in multipacks which can be added into most of the masks. Just check the mask product details to see if it has space for a filter.

It looks like we’re all going to be wearing masks for a while now so make sure the whole family has a reusable face mask that they love to wear. To make shopping a little easier, we also offer multipack face masks. Oh and of course, we have machine washable face masks to make juggling work, school and everything in between a little bit easier! Check the product description to see if it is a machine washable face mask.


Please note that these masks are not PPE, The Tight Spot does not claim any medical benefits of using these products. Therefore please still follow and practice all relevant social distancing guidelines. Masks cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons.

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  1. San Pellegrino Reusable Face Mask
  2. Slanj Homeless Charity Tartan Mask
  3. The Good Mask Company Cotton Face Mask
  4. Face Mask Filters Pack of 3
  5. Blackspade 3D Spacer Mens Face Masks
  6. Blackspade 3D Spacer Ladies Face Mask
  7. The Good Mask Company Comfort Face Mask
  8. Tartan Boxer & Mask Set
  9. Katie May Protected AF Mens Face Mask
  10. The Good Mask Company Sequin Fabric Mask
  11. Falke 2 Pack Ladies Face Mask
  12. The Good Mask Company 3D Face Mask
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