Face Mask FAQ's

Face masks are becoming a staple in our wardrobes but it can get confusing knowing which one to buy. Based on your questions, we have put together some tips and tricks to help you choose the best face mask to suit your face and needs. If you're struggling to find a face mask to wear with your glasses or can't find one that fits your face well, read on to find out how we can help match you with the best fitting, most comfortable and stylish facemask.

Mask FAQ's:

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What is the best face mask if you wear glasses? 

Wearing glasses with a face mask can be a burden. Many masks push air up towards your glasses as you breath causing the glass to steam up. There are a few ways you can try to reduce or eliminate this issue:          

  1. Choose a fabric face mask that is close fitting and can make a tight fit around the nose and cheeks to stop the air coming up towards your glasses. We recommend the Wolford Care Mask, which features an alimuninum strip at the top that you can bend and adjust it to fit to your own nose and cheeks for a closer fit. 
  2. Pull your face mask up so your glasses sit on top of the material. This should feel more comfortable and avoid any faffing or fiddling around, as a mask shouldn't be touched once it is applied. We recommend the more flexible, plain masks such as the Katie May Protected AF mask or the Fiore masks, which are knitted-like hosiery so can be pulled up easily but are not too bulky. The knitted Falke face masks act in the same way!
  3. Top Tip! Washing glasses with soap and water can leave a film on the lens that repels the water that causes the fog. This can help reduce the issue and makes wearing a face covering that little bit easier. 

Some of our favourites for glasses wearers include the Kitty May Leopard Print Mask, the Wolford Care Mask and the Katie May Protected AF Fashion Mask as shown below:

leopard print face mask Black Wolford face mask pink face mask



Which face mask is best for breathability? 

There is no denying that wearing a face mask gets stuffy, especially on hotter days or on your commute. We rarely think about how we are breathing but as soon as you put a mask on, it becomes the centre of your attention. Face masks that sit a little bit further off the mouth and nostrils allow air flow more easily. Hoisery manuacturers have adapted their machines to ensure that the face masks produced are of a lightweight, knitted and soft material making them very breathable.

  • TLC Butterfly Mask is not only pretty but also has two adjustable head straps to ensure a comfortable fit and space for a filter. The adjustability of this mask and the central seam means you can shape it to give more breathability.
  • Wolford Care Mask is designed with a central seam that achieves a more structural and breathable shape whilst still maintaining a secure fit at the top and bottom.
  • San Pellegrino Mask comes in various colours and is extremely breathable due to their very stretchy and super soft and lightweight material. 

What is the best fitting face mask? 

  • Wolford Care Mask  is good for medium to large faces. While the ear loops are not adjustable, you can tie a knot in these to shorten if required. The aluminum nose strip is bendable and allows the wearer to fit it to their own face.
  • Katie May Protected AF is suitable for large or small faces as it is available in two sizes. The S/M is perfect for smaller faces such as children, teenagers or women.The M/L size caters for a large jaw shape and is therefore suitable for men. For both sizes, the two elasticated head straps are adjustable for a comfortable, sturdy fit.
  • Katie May Disco Mask and Provocateur Mask are suitable for an average sized face. The adjustable headstraps allow for comfort and also can be adapted to work with different hair styles! The straps feature bra shoulder strap style adjusters. 
  • TLC Butterfly Face Mask is also designed for an average sized face but uses a button toggle to adjust the two elasticated head straps for a close and comfortable fit. 
  • Fiore Patterened Face Masks in Leopard print or Houndstooth are suitable for small to large faces as they have a stretch finish, like thick tights, so naturally fit close to the face and can be pulled higher or scrunched down to increase or reduce in size. 
  • Falke 2 Pack Face Masks similarly have a knitted, stretch finish so offer a close fit as well as being available in 4 sizes to suit children, young adults, ladies and men. 


What are the best face masks for men?

As shown below, depending on your shape and preferrence, these are a few of our favourite masks from the Mens range:   

Falke face mask Katie May face mask Blackspade face mask

How to care for your face mask:

Reusable masks need to be washed regularly to get rid of any germs and keep them lasting longer! 

Whilst it's not strictly necessary, we'd always advise washing masks as you would delicate items such as underwear and hosiery - use a laundery bag if available.

All our Katie May masks should be handwashed and none of the masks on our website should be tumble dried. 

The following brands (as displayed below) all offer convenient machine washable masks:

  • Slanj
  • Blackspade
  • Falke
  • TLC                        
tartan face mask Scottish face mask scotland face mask
 checked face mask butterfly face mask mens face mask






Are the face masks returnable?

For health and safety reasons, our masks are non returnable. If there is a fault with your mask, please get in touch with customer services who will arrange a solution.

Are the reusable face masks sustainable?  

Yes! Millions of single-use face masks being thrown away each day meaning there will soon be more jellyfish than masks in the ocean. This is why all of the facemasks we sell are reusable, so no more chucking medical masks in the bin! They are all either hand or machine washable - check the product description to find out. We also sell some masks in multipacks so there's enough for the whole household or to allow you to wash one mask while having another mask in use.  

Do I need to wear a face mask?  

While every country has different legislations in place with regards to wearing a face mask during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is recommended by the World Health Organisation that you do wear a mask in order to reduce the spread and also to protect yourself. A survey reported by The Sunday Times has shown that 51% of Brits have not worn a mask outside at all in the past seven days. Wearing a mask does not have to be a hassle! In fact, with the masks that we sell you can even look stylish doing so. While more and more people are jumping on the 'wear a mask' band wagon, there are still lots of people who are actively choosing not to wear one and therefore putting people around them at risk. Unfortunately, a lot of statistics are showing that men are the major demographic choosing against wearing a mask despite being the most likely to contract Coronavirus. Show your man that you care by gifting him a face mask. We have various unisex masks, adjustable masks and masks designed with mens faces in mind. 

How do the adjustable nose face masks work? 

The metal strip inside the top edge of the face mask is a malluable material so you are able to bend and mold the edge of your mask to fit closely around your nose and cheeks. This is to stop the escape and inflow of bacteria that is travelling in air particles. Not all masks have this, some designs have a more elasticated material that moulds to the skin naturally or their construction makes the top and bottom stiffer and tighter to create the necessary close fit protection. 



We continue to update this page based on customer reviews, questions or comments. If you have any comments or queries - please get in touch with support@thetightspot.com

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