Wolford Care Mask : Face Masks And Fashion

wolford care mask fashionThe global outbreak of Covid19 has seen many business’ change and adapt their processes or entire product line. And luxury legwear brand Wolford is no exception. It seems that cloth face masks will fast become part ofeveryday life for millions across the globe. So it’s important that you find a style that you like!

What Is The Wolford Care Mask?

The Wolford Care Mask is at the top end of luxury and comfort in the face mask arena and comes in classic black, featuring an aluminium nose-wire for a close fit. The double layered breathable fabric is also water repellent and completely washable so suitable for reuse. Super soft, highly elastic ear loops keep the mask in place.

This Austrian based hosiery manufacturer, usually specialising in tights and bodywear, has altered its expert knitting machines to make face masks at both its Bregenz HQ and factory in Slovenia. Initially produced for their own staff and organisations in need across their European network. However, with production now ramped up to around 8,000 masks a day, Wolford have opened the mask for retail to consumers worldwide.

The company are also busy managing donations from their main shareholder Fosun to benefit healthcare institutions in critically hit areas across Austria and Italy, through the Fosun Global Anti-Virus Relief Scheme. The majority of these donations are to fund PPE equipment to hospitals and care facilities.

Why Does Wearing A Mask Help Prevent Against Covid19?

Like many aspects of this virus, there previously wasn’t a lot of scientific data to prove if wearing a mask does help protect against Covid19. However, as more stats and figures become available the evidence shows that face masks help to contain and slow the spread of the virus. As we learn more and more about the nature of the virus, many governments are now advising that face masks or coverings should be worn in public spaces.

COVID-19 is spread through droplets when we breath, talk, sneeze or cough. Face masks prevent our droplets reaching others, as well as the droplets of others reaching us. This is why regularly washing your hands and avoiding touching your face and eyes is also important.

Wolford Mask FactoryWolford Mask Flat LayWolford Care Mask Boxfoggy glasses with face mask

From Left: The Wolford Face Mask in production, the product and how it is packaged. Glasses can steam up when wearing a face mask.

How to stop glasses fogging up when wearing the Wolford Face Mask?

Anyone who wears glasses will notice straight away that face mask plus specs can lead to serious fog. In many countries, masks would generally only have been worn by medical professionals, so there are some tips and tricks we can learn to help make the experience easier and more comfortable. To avoid the fog, you can try the following:

    1. Masks will tend to push the air upwards so check the fit of your mask around cheeks and nose to reduce the breath that is escaping to cause the fogging up of your glasses.
    2. Some medical mask wearers go further and tape the top of the mask around cheeks and nose to stop the air coming up this way.
    3. Wash your glasses with soap and water before wearing, the film that the soap leaves on the lenses can repel the water from the breath that causes the fog.
    4. By pulling your mask up higher up the face, you can reduce or eliminate the fog.

What Are Other Luxury Fashion Brands Doing To Help The Covid19 crisis?

Wolford are not the only luxury fashion brand to adapt their factory production into masks or other products in order to help the Covid19 crisis.

Prada has converted its factories in Italy to produce almost 200,000 pieces of medical protective equipment whilst in Britain Burberry has adapted its workshops for the famous trench coat into making gowns for the NHS. In France, Chanel’s couture seamstresses are stitching masks and their perfumeries making hand sanitizer. Like Wolford, the initial output has been reserved for donations to those on the frontline in need – however we expect more of these items could be coming to consumers in the near future.

With #fashionmask exploding on social media and many high end brands having already created face masks in the past (although for a fashion statement rather than any medical cause), plus the hours of youtube tutorials on how to make your own masks – including The Tight Spot’s very own video on how to make a face mask out of old tights, one thing is for sure, face masks are here to stay. In addition, many other hosiery brands are also working on face mask products, so watch this space for new styles and product releases.

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