Hosiery is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to change up your outfit; it’s a quick way to sprinkle in an on-trend colour or print, or make the most daring fashion trends feel more accessible.

But this season in particular, hosiery is going beyond being a mere accessory. Thanks to maximalist hosiery trends that are truly eye-catching, it’s about to become a central part of all of your trendiest looks. This spring is truly hosiery’s season to shine!


Stay Stylish this Season with Popular Spring Styles

So, what’s hot in the world of hosiery for the spring ahead? From vibrantly-coloured tights to patterned tights that draw the eye, it’s all about making a statement with your choice of legwear. Though for those of you who like to keep things classic and elegant, there are some subtler ways to work in the season’s must-have trends too, such as sheer tights with a colourful seam. 

Here are the five biggest hosiery trends to have fun with this spring (and you can shop them all at The Tight Spot!).


Coloured Tights Trends 2023Coloured Tights Trends 2023
Lace Tights Trending Hosiery 2023Lace Tights Trending Hosiery 2023
Sheer Tights 2023Sheer Tights 2023
Coloured Tights TrendColoured Tights Trend

Patterned Tights

Guaranteed to grab attention, patterned tights can elevate even the most basic of outfits. Picture this for a casual weekend outing: a simple t-shirt and mini skirt, denim jacket, ankle boots, and to jazz it all up, Wolford’s psychedelic Heart Patterned Tights. These love heart tights are 20 denier, providing a sheer to waist design and soft matt finish. They’re great worn with summer dresses too, for a transitional look that’s neither sheer nor fully opaque. 

Heading somewhere fancy? With the right styling, patterned tights can be perfectly balanced between showy and elegant. The key to toning the look down a little for evening is to match the colour to the rest of your clothing so that they blend into it better. And hey, wearing a single colour from head to toe is another major spring trend this year, so you’ll be looking sophisticated and fashion forward!

While we’re on the topic of patterned tights, it’d be remiss of us not to mention one of the most trending patterns of all: repeating logos. If you like the look but don’t want to feel like a walking brand advertisement, check out Wolford’s Sheer W Tights, which are abstract enough that they could be mistaken for a simple geometric pattern. These high-fashion tights offer a semi-sheer finish partnered with a shiny elastic waistband for a smooth-to-touch and comfortable fit.


Wolford Heart Patterned TightsWolford Heart Patterned Tights

Wolford Heart Patterned Tights Red


Wolford Black Heart Patterned TightsWolford Black Heart Patterned Tights

Wolford Heart Patterned Tights Black


Wolford tightsWolford tights

Wolford Sheer W Tights Blue


Wolford HosieryWolford Hosiery

Wolford Sheer W Tights Black


Sheer Fashion Tights

With neither the heavy look of opaque winter hosiery nor the summery vibe of going completely bare-legged, sheer fashion tights are the ultimate spring wardrobe staple. And with so many fun, detailed sheer tights to choose from, there’s an option for every occasion.

We love the graphic, linear styling of Oroblu’s new Inspiring Tights, which would be equally fabulous worn as part of an edgy, combat boots-type day look as they would paired with a sexy black dress for date night. These new tights by Oroblu feature a mock over the knee effect combined with a classy black line design from waist to toe. The Oroblu All Colours Seamed Tights meanwhile are an excellent way to dip your toes into this spring’s colour trend (more on that below) and look best when the pop of colour in the seam is also found elsewhere in your outfit. Add a pop of Spring colour to your outfits with these sheer and pastel line design tights! It’s small touches like this that will really pull your outfit together and make it look ‘styled’.

As for the best sheer tights to choose for an upscale restaurant or cocktail party, Katie Holmes recently stepped out in New York in a minimalist black mini dress, understated black heels, and black polka dot tights – a fun twist on the classic ‘little black dress’ look. Do your own version with the elegantly-spotted Trasparenze Anguria Tights. New from Trasparenze for 2023, these polka dot tights create a versatile and luxury look for all occasions. 


Oroblu InspiringOroblu Inspiring

Oroblu Inspiring Tights


Oroblu Coloured Seamed TightsOroblu Coloured Seamed Tights

Oroblu Coloured Line Seamed Tights


Oroblu hosieryOroblu hosiery

Oroblu Coloured Line Seamed Tights


Polka Dot TightsPolka Dot Tights

Trasparenze Anguria Polka Dot Tights


Floral Tights

What says springtime better than a floral pattern? The perfect way to bring a little freshness and zest into your spring wardrobe, floral tights run the gamut from delicate-looking blossoms to punchy patterns with lots of colour.

Like the sound of the latter? You’ll love the Trasparenze Cancun Tights, which have retro florals in a mix of saturated pastel tones with a sheer nude tights base. Great for nailing this season’s Barbiecore trend! A subtler option that’s still full of pretty colour is the Oroblu Flowers Tights, which feature a pink cherry blossom pattern that’s crying out to be paired with a floaty dress.

Net tights meanwhile offer a more sophisticated take on the floral tights trend that can be dressed up as well as down. Wolford’s Fleur Net Tights are a modern, geometric floral tights design that comes in striking red as well as black, and Trasparenze’s Los Angeles Tights have a more organic but equally bold floral look that’s sure to turn heads. Featuring all-over lace flowers, these tights will really make a statement this Spring!


Trasparenze floral tightsTrasparenze floral tights

Trasparenze Cancun Floral Tights


Oroblu fashion tightsOroblu fashion tights

SOroblu Flowers Tights


Wolford Net TightsWolford Net Tights

Wolford Fleur Net Tights


Trasparenze Floral Net tightsTrasparenze Floral Net tights

Trasparenze Los Angeles Tights


Fashion Tights

When you really want to make a statement, look for high fashion tights with detailed, attention-grabbing patterns – and then plan your outfit to show them off to best effect!

The Trasparenze Osaka Tights are some of our favourite fashion tights of the season thanks to their graphic, faux-stocking top and suspender strap pattern plus subtle heart details. Because most of the detail is focused around the upper thigh, pair them with a dramatic side slit gown for a night out, or use them to add a unique touch to this year’s hot pants fashion trend.

After fashion tights that will make a bold impression with shorter and longer hemlines alike? The Wolford Floral Suspender Patterned Tights have a similar suspender design at the top plus a captivating pattern all the way from thigh to toe. These luxury tights combine a classy garter belt effect and a delicate floral design with a knitted-in waistband for comfort and durability.


Trasparenze fashion tightsTrasparenze fashion tights

Trasparenze Osaka Tights


Wolford Mock Suspender TightsWolford Mock Suspender Tights

Wolford Floral Suspender Tights Nude


Wolford Mock suspender black tightsWolford Mock suspender black tights

Wolford Floral Suspender Tights Black


Wolford Suspender Floral tightsWolford Suspender Floral tights

Wolford Floral Suspender Tights Nude


Coloured Tights

And finally we come to what is arguably the biggest hosiery trend of the season: saturated colour! It’s the perfect way to lift your mood after the cold, dark winter, plus it’s guaranteed to make your legs the star of the show.

The fashion world can’t get enough of Valentino pink (a.k.a bright fuchsia) right now, and we have just the coloured tights you need: Oroblu’s Coloured Tights in ‘Rojo V’. If you want to double up on your trends, see those Wolford Sheer W Tights we mentioned earlier in the bright pink colourway – it’s Barbie pink and it’s a logo motif pattern. 

Not a fan of pink? No worries. Vibrant blue and citrus yellow are also in vogue for spring, and for those you’ve got a choice between the same Oroblu Coloured Tights in Citron or the Cecilia De Rafael Chacal 50 Tights in mostaza, turquesa or cobalto. But really, any bold colour will do for this fashion trend, so just pick one that speaks to you and run with it.


Oroblu colourful tightsOroblu colourful tights

Oroblu Coloured Tights Rojo V


CDR Chacal 50CDR Chacal 50

Cecilia de Rafael Chacal 50 Turquesa


Oroblu coloured tightsOroblu coloured tights

Oroblu Coloured Tights Sky


CDR coloured tightsCDR coloured tights

Cecilia de Rafael Chacal 50 Mostaza



The number one fashion motto to follow if you want your hosiery to be on trend this spring? “The bolder the better”! From striking geometric and floral patterns to fun colour blocking that will have you feeling oh-so Emily in Paris, there’s an option for every aesthetic – even those of you who prefer your legwear sheer and minimal. Check out our full range of coloured tights, patterned tights, fashion tights and sheer tights for more inspiration.