Summer is here, and while we typically pull out our tights as a winter staple, let us tell you why they’re an absolute must-have this summer season! Whether you’re attending a summer wedding, a picnic or a romantic holiday dinner, shiny tights can add extra dazzle to your summer style. Shiny tights can cover any blemishes giving you a flawless fine with that perfect oil-look shine to the legs.

Light and Airy Shiny Tights

Think tights are too hot for summer? Think again! These shiny tights are made with breathable, lightweight fabric that feels like second skin. Look for options with a sheer or semi-sheer finish like the 10 denier Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido shiny tights to keep you cool, while still achieving that sleek and flawless shine look. For a subtle shine with an airbrushed effect, try the Charnos 24/7 gloss tights, designed for all-day wear, and perfect for maximum comfort during those summer weddings or vacations filled with all-day activities. 

Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 20 TightsCecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 20 Tights
Charnos 24/7 Gloss TightsCharnos 24/7 Gloss Tights

Oil Look Shiny Tights

Shiny tights are a game changer when it comes to elevating your style and look put together from head to toe. Whether you are going for a casual look with denim shorts or dressing up in a flowy maxi dress, adding shiny tights instantly improves your look. Opt for a high-shine pair like the Platino 15 cleancut shiny tights to glow in the sunlight.  These shiny tights are technologically advanced, as they use fine yarns that are micro-silicone coated to give that glass-like shine. This gives them stronger resistance to fight against rips and tears, perfect to last the whole season!

Platino 15 Cleancut Shiny TightsPlatino 15 Cleancut Shiny Tights
Platino 15 Cleancut Shiny TightsPlatino 15 Cleancut Shiny Tights

Breathable Shiny Tights 

In the summer heat, it’s essential to stay cool and fresh. Crotchless tights provide health benefits as they are practical, comfortable, and keep intimate areas ventilated, which helps prevent a build-up of bacteria. Stay fresh and fabulous in the Pearl and Poseidon Vespa crotchless tights With their oil-like shine, you’re legs will hit the sunlight in all the right places for that radiant glow. For even more breathability, try the ultra-glossy and sheer Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio crotchless tights to keep you fresh and glowing all day. 

Pearl & Poseidon Vespa Crotchless TightsPearl & Poseidon Vespa Crotchless Tights
Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Crotchless TightsCecilia de Rafael Vidrio Crotchless Tights

Luxury Shiny Tights

Experience luxury like never before with our shiny tights by Wolford, renowned for their craftsmanship, quality and durability, Wolford tights embody luxury and glamour. Ensure a flawless fit this summer with the famous Wolford Satin Touch Tights for a high-end shine that feels like a second skin. For a little more coverage, try the Wolford Neon 40 Tights, offering a high gloss finish that is perfect for both casual chic and elegant evening wear. Also, stock up and save this summer with the multipack 3 for 2 deals of the Satin Touch and Neon 40!

Wolford Satin Touch 20 TightsWolford Satin Touch 20 Tights
Wolford Neon 40 TightsWolford Neon 40 Tights

Coloured Shiny Tights 

We all want to get the most out of our summer wardrobe while we can, which is why shiny tights are great for transforming your outfits. Shiny tights come in various colours, so you can mix and match them with different summer outfits. From classic black to natural nudes, even to statement-making colours like reds, pink, and even bold blue. There's a pair of shiny tights to suit every mood and occasion. Dable in a pop of colour with the Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla gloss tights, available in 12 fabulous colours. For more intense shine, try the Miss Naughty Sheer Gloss crotchless tights, available in 8 stunning shades. 

Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Gloss TightsCecilia de Rafael Sevilla Gloss Tights
Miss Naughty Sheer Gloss Crotchless TightsMiss Naughty Sheer Gloss Crotchless Tights

Seamless Shiny Tights

Summer functions can last all day, and you need tights that can keep up. Seamless shiny tights can add a touch of elegance to any summer function. Whether you're attending a wedding, a garden party, or a fancy dinner, seamless tights bring shimmer and glamour to your outfit. Seamless tights offer superior comfort with a snug, yet flexible fit that moves with you, like the Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Libero Seamless Tights. Their smooth design means no unsightly lines or bunching, giving you a barely-there finish under tight dresses and skirts! With our Aristoc Ultimate 15 Denier Seamless Tights, you do not need to worry about adjusting or discomfort - just smooth, all-day wear that lets you focus on enjoying the festivities. 

Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Gloss Libero Seamless TightsCecilia de Rafael Sevilla Gloss Libero Seamless Tights
Aristoc Ultimate 15 Denier Seamless TightsAristoc Ultimate 15 Denier Seamless Tights

Fashion should make you feel amazing, and shiny tights definitely deliver. Embrace your inner diva and strut your stuff with confidence. For added allure, check out our collection of shiny hold ups and stockings. Whether you’re a trendsetter or just dipping your toes into the shiny pool, our shiny tights are here to amp up your style game and boost your mood. Get your glow on!