Plus size hosiery

Features of Plus Size Hosiery

Locating plus size tights can be difficult and part of the reason behind this is the added features that make a pair of plus size tights flattering and fitting for curvy thighs, longer legs or wider hips can require different manufacturing methods and machines – so not an option for all manufactures.

Styles to fit a fuller-figured women have additional elements such as back panels, extra thigh width or extended briefs for a flattering, comfortable fit that is resilient to daily wear and tear. Tights in extended sizes are often designed with a special waistband that won’t pinch the stomach or roll down. A support leg or control brief is often incorporated to give a firm finish and to keep tights in place.

Why are plus size tights made differently?

For a pair of tights to fit properly, the height, width and weight of the body have to be considered along with the fact that the bodies these products are worn by are constantly moving! Therefore to ensure tights, stockings and hold ups comfortably stay in place on larger thigher thighs or wider hips, without distorting the design or material, requires some special manufacturing tricks! Other elements are added to improve the expereince of the wearer, as a plus size user may have slightly different requirements. 

For example, some plus size styles have light leg control; a deeper body rise and wider thigh for a smoother, form-fitting look together with comfort and support. Soft, deep knitted waistbands are also an element of many leading plus size tights brands, specifically designed so that they won't dig in or roll down your stomach.

Ever-evolving manufacturing technologies for tights and hosiery has led to innovative products for plus size hosiery in recent years. Oroblu features a bigger gusset in their maxi size for a better fit and Trasparenze has many XL and XXL tights with a back panel for extra comfort. Brands that have a supersize range, such as Glamory, are specifically designed for women that go beyond XXL, with hip widths up to 300cm circumference.

Some plus size tights feature certain material combinations for improved stretch – such as more elastane. Net is a great choice for plus size as the fibres used offer a softer stretch than other hosiery fibres. The right combination of fibres and yarns creates more stretch in the tights so that you don’t have to keep adjusting them all day or worry about them laddering or ripping. Many brands also use spandex and lycra to make their products more durable and give more support. Higher waistbands are another popular feature amongst plus size hosiery brands to ensure an easy fit and smooth look under your clothes.


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