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Many countries have started to implement guidance on wearing face masks when out in public whilst the world starts to readjust to a new normal as we hopefully start to emerge from the COVID19 pandemic.

Medical grade masks are globally in high demand and are understandably being reserved for frontline, essential workers where possible. However, you can make your own effective face masks for general use from materials you probably already have at home – with no sewing required! All you need is a pair of opaque tights and some scissors. This nifty design also has a pocket for an air filter should it be required.

With many of us stuck at home there’s no better time to get crafty and this clever idea is an easy way to make yourself, friends and family masks from hosiery. Soft and stretchy, opaque tights or leggings are created from the perfect material to make a comfortable, close fitting mask.



What you need to make a mask from tights:




  • A pair of opaque tights or leggings
  • A pair of scissors
  • A measuring tape / ruler 



Step By Step Instructions On How To Make A Mask From Tights Or Leggings


1. Cut the cuff off leggings or the feet off tights.
2. Measure between 8 and 11 inches depending how stretchy the product and the size of the face the mask is to fit, and cut so you have a tube.
3. Cut semi circles into each edge on just the inside piece of the tube.
4. Fold the tube in half length ways with the inside edge facing out. 
5. Cut slits in the exposed outer semi circles. This is for the ear loops. 
6. Your mask is complete! If you wish, insert a filter or something like kitchen roll or coffee filter in between the tube, covering the breathing area, as a air filter. 


Which Tights are best for making masks?

Practically, opaque tights are best as they offer a thicker finish that is easily cut without running and is soft against the skin. Opaque coloured tights or patterned tights are a fun option and can make wearing a mask more appealing, especially for children! You can also adapt the size of the cutting to make masks that fit smaller (or larger!) faces. Additionally, this is a good way to get some more use out of last years fashion tights, and as we head into spring, those tired opaques can be re-purposed - a great way to use tights that might otherwise be headed for landfill. Hopefully the sun will keep shining so there won't be any use for your winter woolies in the coming months - get more from your hosiery drawer and give this fun project a try.

Using opaque, durable tights or leggings also means you can also chuck these masks in the washing machine as usual, so easy to wash and keep clean. Make multiple masks and you’ll always have a fresh one to hand. As usual, we’d recommend using a hosiery bag to protect the knitted yarns, however it isn’t essential.

One of our favourite hosiery connoisseurs, Soni Panda, has given it a go, sharing her experience in the video below. Soni used, Gipsy Leopard Print Footless Tights and Gipsy Psychedelic Patterned Tights. If you'd like to pick up some similar styles, we recommend checking out the hosiery outlet for some great value options. 

See Soni demonstrating her three finished masks in the second video and images below.

We’d love to see how your masks turn out! Take a snap and post your photo on social tagging @thetightspot and #tightspotmask

Stay safe x

how to make face mask