Stay ups, thigh highs or hold ups are all the same thing and refer to hosiery that is much simpler and easier to wear than stockings and suspenders, whilst still maintaining a gorgeous and empowering feminine look.

So they look amazing but how do they stay up? Hold ups stay in place by using silicone on the inside of the band at the top. It is important to find the right brand and style of hold ups for you, as each are created with differing sized bands in different finishes (such as lace or plain), which will affect how well they stay up on your thigh and how comfortable they are without creating any pinching. Extra wide bands of elastic at the top, together with silicone or other gripping features will ensure a secure fit without you having to constantly pull them up or worry about them slipping when on the move. If those things are happening then you need to try another brand, style or size that will be better for your leg length and thigh circumference.

Always check all the technical information and keep experimenting with different styles and brands as there will be a perfect pair for you. Size, band width, elastic or silicone band and the way you put them on will all attribute to the secure fit of hold ups.

Tips for keeping hold ups in place

  1. Think about your reason for purchasing first. Are these for everyday wear, evening occasion or just the bedroom? You will want silicone bands which are wide if your are wearing for hours at a time but you are less likely to need this if you just want a fun style that can be worn for a short time - perhaps for dressing up. In the latter case, you can opt for just an elasticated band, which will have a limited amount of hold.
  2. Buy the right size. The fit of your hold ups should be snug and on the middle of the thigh, they should not pinch or squeeze.
  3. Silicone or alternatives. Ideally silicone hold ups are best for keeping stay ups in place. However, if you are allergic to silicone, there are some brands that use a pH balanced, hypoallergenic bi-component silicone instead. If you need further information on this, please ask us.
  4. Don’t use lotions, talc, tanning products. The grip of the silicone will be affected by lotions and other similar products, so avoid using these before wearing your hosiery. 5. Put them on correctly Turn the top band over so that the silicone on the inside does not come into contact with your skin or the hold up. Once they are in position mid thigh, flip the band over and smooth the silicone onto the leg.
  5. Handle them with care. When washing hold ups do not use a fabric conditioner and hand wash them separately in cold or luke warm water. Follow any other specific washing instructions provided by the brand. Do not tumble dry or iron them.