Silky Hosiery

Established in 1997, the Silky hosiery brand offers a wide range of women's hosiery from classic opaques to soft sheers. Furthermore, Silky hosiery is well-known as a go-to everyday brand with varied hosiery styles. All Silky Hosiery products are well-made and great value - you'll be surprised at the quality for the small price of these products; the finish is superior to most other casual daywear hosiery brands. Silky customer favourites include Fresh & Cool Crotchless Tights, Super Shine Stockings and 70 Denier Opaque Hold Ups. We also recommend Silky's fishnet pop socks, decorated with stylish pearls or silk bows. Shop our Silky hosiery collection today.

Silky Hosiery Shows Us How To Style Their Unique Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights have brought fashionistas from all around the world together because of their versatility and 90s grunge look. Due to this Silky hosiery have taken the fishnet style and added their own unique twist to them by creating glitter fishnets to diamante fishnet backseam tights. Their rare ideas have given them an advantage in the hosiery world for styling fashion-conscious women, who are looking for something different and fun. Nevertheless, if you’re wanting to purchase a pair of Silky hosiery finest fishnet tights, you may want to know how you could style them. There are different ways that you can achieve distinctive looks when it comes to wearing fishnet tights. You can wear them with ripped mom jeans to a skater dress, and layer them with some sparkly socks and a pair of your favourite white trainers. Shop Silky Hosiery fishnet tights today.

Which Silky Hosiery Tights Are The Best Dance Tights?

If you’re looking for tights that you want to wear for your ballet class, play or any other types of performing arts; then you have come to the right place. Silky hosiery offers some wonderful shiny tights that are perfect for dancewear. We recommend Silky Adult Dance Shimmer Footed Tights, these tights have an all over coverage, which will make you feel confident and comfortable when performing on stage. Also, these dance tights feature a smooth non-elastic waistband and a sheer to waist brief so you don’t have to worry about hemlines showing when you’re wearing a leotard or costume. At a remarkable price, you can buy them in bulk! Try this silky hosiery item today.

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