Leggings: The Ultimate Collection

From basic black leggings to lace and colourful designs, we’ve got leggings that can go anywhere from work to nights out. Moreover, leggings have always been an absolute essential legwear accessory for every woman’s wardrobe due to their versatility and comfort. If you’re tired of wearing uncomfortable denim then leggings and jeggings are the next best thing! Just like trousers, leggings offer complete coverage that can be incorporated into any style and are extremely comfortable for an all-day wear, due to their elasticity and generally soft finishes. We recommend Jonathan Aston Twill Leggings, which feature pockets and belt loops for the classic skinny jeans look. Additionally, leggings can especially be handy for plus size ladies that want to feel fashionable and confident, check out Lida’s ¾ length leggings for superior XXL fit.

Leather Look Leggings

Cooler than your average? Then you’re going to love our selection of leather look leggings. Feel like a rock star in your leather look leggings perfect for any occasion, from a concert to a date night, you can't go wrong with this style. Furthermore, black leather look leggings look great with a t-shirt and trainers or a crisp shirt and killer stilettos. Push the boat out with Wolford’s Estella Leather Leggings, featuring a decorative seam above the knee for a chic, jodhpur look. These stunning faux leather leggings are seductive and sensuous making them the perfect party wear. Alternatively, for a similar look on a budget, we recommend Jonathan Aston’s Leatherette Leggings, these leatherette leggings have become a fashion staple for their chic yet edgy style. A luxury look for less.

How To Style Leggings

As much as we like to think that leggings can replace jeans, unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Although they are similar to skinny jeans in the way that they fit perfectly around your legs, leggings are made for comfort and durability but not so much for a wow factor, as most of them are in plain black. However, there are different ways that you can style leggings to add some sophistication to them. For example adding a shirt, blazer and heels with the Jonathan Aston Sporty Luxe Leggings, these leggings feature a stripe of sparkling black studs that run down the legs for a high fashion look. You can also wear the Wolford Lace Up Leggings, with a stunning lace side create with knitted loops and laces for a crisscross effect. You can pair these leggings with a jumper dress and heeled boots for a chic, high fashion look.

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    Jonathan Aston Leatherette Leggings
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