Work Tights

Work Tights That Keep You Comfortable

It's important to look and feel good at work and to keep that look up all day, comfort is key. For work tights that look professional with a touch of luxury, The Tight Spot is the place to be. Shop multipack sheers from Charnos' 24/7 range for summer to Gipsy's beautiful patterned sheer knee highs for under suits or with boots or Gipsy's 40 Denier opaque coloured tights for a polished winter look. Furthermore, we have a number of styles that are also available in plus size, you're sure to find the perfect fit! Shop our collection of work tights today.

Work Tights With A Patterned Twist

Are your bored of wearing plain black opaque tights to work? Do you want to add a little 'je ne sais quoi' to your outfit? Why not opt for black patterned work tights? They're sophisticated, work appropriate and you'll have a pep in your step because looking good equals to feeling good. Moreover, brands like Jonathan Aston and Charnos give you fashion patterned work tights that are subtle in design but still look great for work, which is a low-cost way to refresh your work wardrobe. Choose from our wonderful collection of patterned work tights that take you from the office straight into an evening event, with ease.

Work Tights That Are Versatile

Many of us wear tights to work and sometimes we find ourselves being invited to go out for a drink straight after we've finished for the day. Furthermore, we may feel self-conscious about our black opaque work tights, which is why when you’re getting that Friday feeling go for a pair of tights that are versatile and work for the 9 to 5 and the 5 to 9. We recommend Jonathan Aston Wild Tights; these work tights are a bold fashion statement that will take you from the office straight into the night. Browse our collection of work tights the upgrade your work attire.

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  1. Levante Fantasy Sheer Hold Ups
  2. Trasparenze Gennifer Plain Wool Hold Ups
  3. Gipsy Multicoloured Floral Tights
  4. Cecilia de Rafael Sublime Opaque Recycled Smooth Tights
  5. Glamory Allure 20 Hold Ups up to 4XL
  6. Pearl And Poseidon Genevieve Glossy Seamless Tights
  7. Couture Velvet Fleece Lined Tights
  8. Pearl And Poseidon Calista Crotchless Seamed Tights
  9. Passion Back Seamed Tights
  10. Falke Semi Opaque Shaper Tights
  11. Sheertex Classic Sheer Unbreakable Tights
  12. Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Secret Shaper Sheer Tights
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