Tall Tights

Tall tights and pantyhose are specifically designed to accommodate for longer legs. These range in height from 5’7” to 6’7” (173cm to 204cm) and feature stretchy material to ensure maximum comfort for tall women.

  1.  Glamory Plaisir Ouvert 20 Tights, Available Up To 4XL
  2.  Individual 12 Stay Hip Wolford Tights
  3.  Falke Natural Glow 6 Denier Tights
  4.  Miss Naughty Oily Look Shiny Chest High Crotchless Tights
  5.  Cecilia de Rafael Cristal Shiny Tights
  6.  Trasparenze Samarcanda Strip Panty Tights

    Trasparenze Samarcanda Strip Panty Tights

    Special Price US$26.57 Regular Price US$37.98
  7.  Wolford Individual 10 Tights
  8.  Trasparenze Oleandro 20 Denier Tights
  9.  Giulia Intimo Secret Over The Knee Crotchless Tights
  10.  Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 20 Shiny Tights
  11.  Glamory Ouvert 20 Crotchless Tights, Plus Size XL-4XL
  12.  Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Gloss Tights
  13.  Trasparenze Oleandro Bright Coloured Tights
  14.  Falke Seidenglatt 15 Denier Shiny Tights
  15.  Glamory Satin 20 Tights, Plus Size XL-4XL
  16.  Falke New Seidenglatt 40 Denier Tights
  17.  Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Chic Seamed Tights
  18.  Glamory Supersize 20 Shiny Tights, Available Up to 10XL
  19.  Fatal 15 Seamless Wolford Tights
  20.  Glamory Ouvert 40 Crotchless Tights Plus Size up to 4XL
  21.  Cecilia de Rafael Eterno Super Lucido 10 Shiny Tights
  22.  Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Crotchless Tights
  23.  Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Gloss Tights 3 for 2 Pack

    Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Gloss Tights 3 for 2 Pack

    Special Price US$25.30 Regular Price US$37.85

Tall tights and pantyhose are specifically designed to accommodate for longer legs. These range in height from 5’7” to 6’7” (173cm to 204cm) and feature stretchy material to ensure maximum comfort for tall women.

Find Your Perfect Pair of Tall Tights

Embrace your long legs with tall tights that fit like a dream! Finding perfectly fitted tights that suit tall individuals has never been easier with our selection of tall women’s tights that are long enough while remaining on-trend and fashion-forward. Our tall pantyhose are specially made with longer inseams to accommodate longer legs, allowing you to accentuate your elegant height without having to compromise on style. 

We work closely with top hosiery brands to deliver the best tall tights for both men and women. All of our long leg tights feature premium fabrics that offer excellent stretch and elasticity, making sure you have a snug fit, alongside plenty of freedom of movement for everyday wear. 

Our tall tights come in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Whether you’re looking for tall party tights or romantic hosiery for date nights and fancy events, we’ve got plenty of tall and extra tall tights to suit. Feel catwalk ready in our collection of patterned tights and bold coloured pantyhose for tall women, designed with all the latest trends in mind.


Shop Tall Pantyhose from Leading Brands

One of the most popular brands for tall women’s tights is plus size tights expert Glamory, which has size-inclusive tights for all shapes and sizes, focusing on great quality hosiery that caters to all heights. With some of their tights fitting up to 6’7”, such as the Glamory Satin 40 Shiny Tights and Glamory Ouvert 60 Crotchless Tights, this brand is the perfect solution for luscious long legs, offering extra tall pantyhose for women and men! 

Another brand that’s well-known for its commitment to creating long legged tights for tall women and men is Wolford. With many of their luxury tights fitting those up to 6’2” tall, these popular tights are a firm favourite with both men and women with long legs. Achieve flawless legs all year round with tall tights that fit snugly to your frame in the Wolford Neon 40 Tights, which are available in up to size XL, making them perfect for those up to 190 cm tall. It’s time to say goodbye to tights that fall short! Shop our full selection of tall pantyhose for longer legs today.

What size are tall tights?

Tall tights are available in a variety of sizes to fit the length of your legs and your body shape and proportions too. Long legged tights for women and men usually range from 5’7” to 6’7” (173cm to 204cm), falling into size L, XL or XXL+ size options. This covers dress sizes 18 to 36. Check the individual size charts on each product page to ensure you pick the right size for your frame.

Is it better to size up or down with tall tights?

If you’ve been blessed with long, luscious legs, we recommend sizing up when buying tall tights if you‘re in between sizes. This means you can be sure that the tights will be long enough to sit perfectly at the hips without the crotch sagging and without the need for constant re-adjustment. This also allows more stretch in your tights, so you can wear them more high-waisted if you prefer.

How do I stop my tall tights from shrinking?

The last thing you want to do is make your tall pantyhose, not so tall! To retain their high-quality and avoid them shrinking, we recommend hand washing your tights with lukewarm water and a very mild detergent. This will protect the materials and maintain their stretch, which could be affected if you wash them in a washing machine. When washing, gently rub the material and then leave out to air dry on a clean towel or clothes horse. Do not put your tall tights into a tumble dryer as this can shrink the material.