Over The Knee Tights

Achieve a fun fashion style with a sexy twist with Over The Knee Tights! This style of hosiery offers opaque coverage that goes above the knee with a sheer top, that ensures a leg perfecting finish to your legs. Over The Knee Tights can offer a subtle design such as the Marilyn Zazu Over The Knee Tights or alternatively more of a statement look for a special occasion, like the Trasparenze Clover Lace Up Tights.

Explore the many different styles and variations of Over The Knee Tights by top hosiery brand such as Passion and Amour


Mock Over The Knee Tights

If you like the look of hold ups but prefer a full leg fit, we recommend our Mock Over The Knee Tights. This style of hosiery is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the many varied designs available and the style it creates without compromising on warmth and comfort. 

Over the knee pantyhose are a simple yet striking design that will add a flirtatious look to any outfit and there are many different ways that you can wear them. For example, pair them with knee-high boots and a t-shirt dress for a fresh off the runway look. Alternatively pair them with a leather high waisted skirt and crop top for a fun night out.

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