Tights & Pantyhose

Shop the best range of tights and pantyhose, from high-fashion patterned tights and fishnet styles, to work tights and romantic hosiery. Find your perfect legwear for any occasion to transform your look.

  1.  Oroblu Over The Knee Floral Tights
  2.  Fiore Belvedere Stripe Tights
  3.  Falke New Seidenglatt 40 Denier Tights
  4.  Charnos 40 Denier Opaque Tights 2 Pair Pack
  5.  Trasparenze Kiwano Seamed Tights
  6.  Fiore Stardust Glitter Tights
  7.  Charnos All Over Sparkly Tights
  8.  Glamory Ouvert 40 Crotchless Tights Plus Size up to 4XL
  9.  Oroblu Diamonds Glittery Tights
  10.  Jonathan Aston 40 Denier Opaque Tights 2 Pair Pack

    Jonathan Aston 40 Denier Opaque Tights 2 Pair Pack

    Special Price £4.95 Regular Price £7.00
  11.  Wolford Neon 40 Tights 3 for 2

    Wolford Neon 40 Tights 3 for 2

    Special Price £69.90 Regular Price £104.85
  12.  Platino 40 Cleancut Shiny Tights
  13.  Miss O 40 Denier Semi Opaque Open Crotch Pantyhose
  14.  Oroblu Repos 40 Control Top Compression Tights
  15.  Glamory Vital 40 Support Tights, Plus Size XL-4XL
  16.  Couture Catherine Geometric Seamless Tights
  17.  Platino 40 Total Confort Shiny Tights
  18.  Pure Shimmer 40 Concealer Shiny Wolford  Tights
  19.  Miss Naughty Metallic Shine Crotchless Tights
  20.  NEW Wolford Neon 40 Tights
  21.  Glamory Mens Support 40 Tights
  22.  Neon 40 Wolford Tights

    Neon 40 Wolford Tights

    Special Price £29.95 Regular Price £34.95
  23.  Synergy 40 Leg Wolford Support Tights

    Synergy 40 Leg Wolford Support Tights

    Special Price £43.95 Regular Price £54.95

Shop the best range of tights and pantyhose, from high-fashion patterned tights and fishnet styles, to work tights and romantic hosiery. Find your perfect legwear for any occasion to transform your look.

Whatever the outfit and whatever the occasion, you’ll find the perfect women’s tights for it here at The Tight Spot. We pride ourselves on making sure you have the most in-depth technical specifications for every hosiery item we offer, thanks to our highly detailed glossary. From classic black pantyhose and other everyday pantyhose styles, through to designer fashion tights and retro nylons, we’ve always got just the thing to complete your look!


UK Tights Hosiery Specialist for Women’s Tights

Whether you wear pantyhose for fun, fashion or as a requirement for your work or health, our UK tights hosiery specialists have curated a product selection that covers every need. We have a fantastic range of brands, price points, and options for all bodies – including tights for women and men, and an extensive selection of plus size hosiery. Plus, we offer free global delivery on all orders over £50.


How to style tights?

Try adding fishnet tights under your favourite midi dress with chunky boots for a fashion forward feel, or making a special occasion outfit even fancier with seamed nylons or the ultimate party girl’s tights: sparkly hosiery. For the ultimate party look, combine flirty fishnet tights with dazzling sparkles thanks to the Miss Naughty Rhinestone Fishnet Tights. These crotchless tights are an all over fishnet denier detailed with sparkly diamante's for a glamourous look! You can also easily make your summer wardrobe wearable for longer by adding opaque tights. Want more ideas? Our hosiery experts have put together a handy guide on how to wear and style tights.


What does denier mean in tights?

Technically, the hosiery denier indicates the weight of the yarn, but in practical terms it gives you a good idea of the sheerness or opacity. As a general rule, women’s tights will look sheer at 20 denier or below, semi sheer at 30-40 denier, and opaque at 50 denier and above. If you'd like to let your natural skin tone shine through, we would recommend our collection of sheer tights which are perfect for wearing all year round and especially for special occassions where you want to cover up any imperfections and achieve that sought after flawless skin look. A firm favourite for many of The Tight Spot customers is the Satin Touch Wolford Tights which are 20 denier therefore are lightweight yet offer a stunning airbrushed look on the legs with a hint of shine to give everyone leg envy! Alternatively, if you are seeking more coverage on the legs to keep them warmer in the cooler months or want to show off a bold colour with your outfits, opt for a higher denier of opaque tights. Opaque tights are a great option for workwear thanks to their timeless look and comfortable fit! One of our favourite opaque nylons is the Cecilia de Rafael Chacal 50 Tights, which are available in 11 different colours, ideal for transforming your outfits without breaking the bank. 


What denier of tights do you need?

That depends on the look you’re going for, and the season! We’d recommend 10 denier (or below) tights for women who want a very natural look. 30-40 denier hosiery adds a touch of warmth in autumn or early spring yet still offer a natural finish if you’re opting for nude tights, while 100+ denier women’s tights are excellent for winter. Need more advice? Check out our glossary which goes into more detail on what denier means in tights and the best choice for your needs.