Hold Ups

Why Buy Hold Ups?

Hold ups are easy to wear and powerfully feminine. Thigh high hold ups are a great alternative to tights; especially if you find tights to be uncomfortable; due to a sagging crotch and waistbands rolling down. Furthermore, hold ups offer the sensual look of stockings without the need for a suspender belt.

Hold ups are also ideal if you want the coverage of tights but do not enjoy the closed in brief and gusset of pantyhose, particularly in warmer weather. You can also cover imperfections and blemishes with sheer hold ups or get warm, winter coverage with opaque hold ups.

Celebrities like Ariana Grande and the ladies from Fifth Harmony love hold ups, because they're designed to make you feel confident and glamorous, featuring a silicone band on the inside for maximum hold around your thighs.  We recommend Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Super Shiny Hold Ups, these hold ups are ideal for any occasion or go for a great value multipack 24/7 Charnos Hold Ups, great for your everyday work wear. Shop our collection of hold ups today!

What Are Hold Ups

In 1967 hold ups were introduced; they were created to avoid the need for suspender belts and the hassle of strapping them on in the morning. Furthermore, hold ups depend on silicone on the inside of the band to keep them in place around your thigh; silicone is a type of skin adhesive, that doesn't affect your skin - unless you are allergic. Although hold ups have the same exact style and design as stockings the only difference is how they stay up. Stockings are used with a garter belt to keep them in place, whereas hold ups use silicone, as previously mentioned.

How to Wear Hold Ups

If you love fashion then hold ups are exactly what you need to add to your hosiery drawer. Since it’s appearance in 1967 hold ups have become extremely popular. They have become an upgraded version of the stockings and suspender belts. Equally, there are different ways that you can show off your gorgeous legs with our collection of hold ups. For example, you can wear them with a high waisted mini skirt and crop top for a night out or pair hold ups with a dress and thigh high boots for a killer chic look that will make heads turn. Add femininity to your wardrobe with our hold ups from our leading hosiery brands.

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