Wolford Tights

How to Wash Wolford Tights

Wolford tights are a great investment, especially during the colder months when tights become a go-to wardrobe item for many. They may be built to last but knowing how to care for your Wolford tights is essential if you are going to keep these luxury items in top condition. Tights are one of the most fragile items in your wardrobe, alongside other underwear and delicates, but we often don't care for hosiery in the same way we might care for lace underwear - even though it's the key to longlasting wear! There are a few options when it comes to hosiery washing; 1. Hand-wash with a very gentle soap in warm water - satisfying but time possibly time-consuming. 2. Pop them in a lingerie or hosiery bag and into a not too hot machine wash, this option is a great way for helping hosiery to keep their shape. Once washed, hang or dry flat so they don’t shrink, tear or go misshapen. The one golden rule? Under no circumstances should you put Wolford tights in the dryer! They will very likely shrink or tear and the heat could damage the yarns, decreasing their life expectancy.

How much?! Why are Wolford Tights so expensive?

Wolford is one of the world’s leading brands for leg luxury, due to their supreme quality, excellent design and wonderful feel. Wolford does not cut corners when it comes to their high-quality hosiery styles. Using circular knitting machines, with compression; knitting anywhere that the body bends for that second-skin feel. The tights also go into an oven on metal legs that shock the fibres, keeping them from overstretching and the colour from fading. This also helps to form them into the correct shape for legs. Each pair will go through a minimum of 16 construction steps and are inspected each step of the way before packaging. Also, most tights use oval gussets, whereas Wolford tights use cotton, diamond-shaped gussets which can only be sewn by hand. The complete process takes seven days, to make just one pair. From the Satin Touch 20 Tights that look simply stunning wash after wash to the sleek Satin De Luxe Opaque tights that give a blackout coverage. Wolford hosiery is always one step ahead of the fashion game, focusing on luxury craftsmanship and a keen eye for current trends, which gives this luxury brand their edge. Creating hosiery using innovative designs and new technology has paved the way for famous collaborations with creatives such as Photographer Helmut Newton and Chanel’s Director Karl Lagerfeld. Wolford tights may be expensive, but after knowing what goes into making just one pair, the price more than makes up for the benefits.

How to style the Wolford Fatal Dress

If you Keep up with the Kardashian’s then you probably know all about the infamous Wolford Fatal Dress, if not; let us tell you about this incredible dress that fits every body type. Kim Kardashian made the Fatal Dress famous, it is the only dress that Kim has been seen wearing multiple times and we don’t blame her. This gorgeous dress from Wolford is crafted from a luscious, velvety soft knit that creates a seamless tube. It has a basic, multifunctional design that is perfect for layering and can be worn casually, for work or even a formal event. Transform your Wolford Fatal Dress into a short or long dress, which would look stunning with a pair of Wolford tights, or wear it as a pencil skirt with a shirt for work or shortened as a miniskirt for party wear. Alternatively, fold it into a boob tube top that would look great with jeans. It is the dress that every woman should have in their wardrobe due to its seamlessly chic design and versatility. Check out the Fatal dress, available in both black and white.

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