Wolford Tights

Wolford are the perfect pantyhose to buy if you are looking for comfortable and durable tights made with the highest quality materials. The Tight Spot stocks a wide range of Wolford hosiery that have been seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Madonna.  


Wolford are the perfect pantyhose to buy if you are looking for comfortable and durable tights made with the highest quality materials. The Tight Spot stocks a wide range of Wolford hosiery that have been seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Madonna.  

Wolford Tights

Timeless and elegant, Wolford tights are the perfect pair to complete any outfit. Our Wolford selection offers a great choice of tights for Women. 

Choose from our extensive Wolford range including Black Tights, Patterned Tights, Shiny Tights, Seamless Tights, Suspender Tights, Footless Tights, Sparkly Tights, Toeless Tights, Plus Size Tights and Wolford Crotchless Tights

Wolford Stockings

Wolford stockings are synonymous with quality and style - the perfect stocking for everyday use or to carry you to a special occasion.  

Our Wolford Stockings are available in a range of colours and in seamless, lace and patterned bands.

Wolford Stay Ups

Rock Luxurious Legs with our Wolford Stay Ups that are easy to wear, powerfully feminine and a great alternative to tights and stockings.

Wolford Leggings

Wolford leggings are a flawless fashion choice. With Wolford being the most well respected name in the world of hosiery it’s not a surprise that the leggings are adorned with the world’s top celebrities.

Wolford Bodysuit

Wolford bodysuits are the ultimate luxury in bodywear. Gorgeous soft yarns, exquisite features and washable to look fresh wear after wear. From the classic turtle neck Colorado design to seasonal fashion bodysuits - Wolford never disappoint with these wardrobe staples that you'll love from season to season.

Wolford Hold Ups

With a very similar design to stockings, Wolford hold ups differ in how they stay up to Wolford stockings. Wolford Stockings use a garter belt to keep them in place, whereas Wolford hold ups use silicone strips inside the top cuff. This gives the sensual look of stockings without the need for a suspender belt

Wolford Pantyhose

As one of the leading luxury hosiery brands Wolford are the giants of the Pantyhose world. Wolford Pantyhose are the perfect pair to complete any outfit. Our Wolford  pantyhose selection offers a great choice of tights for Women. 

Choose from our extensive Wolford range including Black Pantyhose, Patterned Pantyhose, Shiny Pantyhose, Seamless Pantyhose, Suspender Pantyhose, Footless Pantyhose, Sparkly Pantyhose, Toeless Pantyhose, Plus Size Pantyhose and Wolford Crotchless Pantyhose

Wolford Masks

Wolford's face masks have been a huge hit for their luxury look and feel, superior wearing experience and chic style. Stay safe and shop the celebrity look with wolford lace masks, wolford silk masks and eco face masks

Wolford Size Guide Tights

What size of Wolford Hosiery will fit me best? Wolford tights are carefully made in a wide, generous size range so that everyone can enjoy luxury hosiery, legwear and bodywear. Our Wolford pantyhose size guide features dress sizing with international conversions as well as height and weight sizing.

For full details on Wolford size guides, visit our Wolford Size Guide Help Page. The high-quality materials used by Wolford means all their products have good stretch and accommodate plus sizes as well as slim, petite or tall frames. The Wolford Sizing Chart includes size guide for Wolford Tights Sizing, Wolford Stockings Sizing and a Wolford Bodysuit Chart

Make sure you check the size chart before you purchase to ensure you select the Wolford Sizing Chart correct size for your body shape. We recommend sizing down if you are in between sizes or are a little unsure, as this brand runs slightly bigger.

Are Wolford Tights Worth The Price?

Yes absolutely! As the world’s leading brand for luxury legwear, wolford produce very high quality products.  These are durable tights that will last years with the right care.

The 16-stage construction process of Wolford tights means one pair takes seven days to make. This attention to detail results in a premium product. These are exceptional quality, flattering tights for women that you are going to love to wear again and again. Caring for your Wolford tights properly will make sure they last and look fresh with every wear – for all the details on how to wash and look after your Wolford products, see our Wolford Wash & Care Page.

What are the most affordable Wolford Tights? Do Wolford have a sale?

If you really want to get more for your money, we recommend the Wolford Satin Touch 20 Comfort Tights which are a 3 for the price of 2 pack. You will get a pair of gorgeous Wolford Satin Touch tights for free! 

Wolford Tights 3 for 2

The Satin Touch tights have a cotton gusset, reinforced toe and healthy-looking natural glow which come in various colours. You don’t want to miss out on that bargain.

What are the best reviewed Wolford Tights?

If you’re looking for a go-to pair of Wolford glossy tights, we absolutely love the Wolford Neon 40 Tights, which come in a range of shades to suit your skin tone and season. Look and feel confident in these high shine tights that will cover any imperfections.

Get natural looking gorgeous legs with Wolford Perfectly 30 Tights. With 5/5 customer reviews, these tights, which have a healthy-looking light shimmer and come in a range of colours, are perfect for any time of year.

We also sell a range of Wolford stay-ups if that is more your thing. We love the Wolford Satin Touch Hold Ups which have a sheer shiny finish and come in a range of colours to suit your style. They also have a gorgeous lace band making them perfect for every-day wear or for special occasions.

How to Wash Wolford Tights?

Follow these tips on the best way to wash your Wolford tights:

  1. Always check the washing instructions on the product packaging. <
  2. We recommend hand washing Wolford tights in delicate detergent and warm water if you have the time.
  3. If not, then get yourself a lingerie or hosiery bag that can go in the washing machine. Put the tights in the bag and wash at a warm temperature, no higher than 30c. If you wash them too hot, they might lose their shape.
  4. To dry your Wolford tights please do not put them in the tumble dryer. They will shrink and they might even tear! The heat will also damage the expensive luxury yarns and decrease their life expectancy. So just hang up your damp Wolford Tights and let them air dry.



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    Wolford Silk Face Mask
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    Wolford Johanna Leggings
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    3 for 2 Sheer 15 Wolford Tights
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    2 Pair Pack Nude 8 Wolford Tights
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  22.  Fatal 50 Wolford Seamless Tights
  23.  Matt Opaque 80  Wolford Tights
  24.  Velvet 66 Wolford Leggings
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