Wolford Tights

Wolford Tights: How Are They Made

Wolford has been producing the world’s finest legwear for over 65 years. Wolford tights are known for their effortless sophistication and elegance that focuses on comfort and versatility by using a unique circular knitting technique, which gives you a feeling of slipping into a ‘second skin’. Wolford tights pride themselves on their manufacturing process from the selection of materials to the packaging of the finished product. Before Wolford tights are ready to be put on the shelf it will undergo 18 quality checks from individual checks of the yarns through a microscope to controlling length, width, size and resistance. In 1954 Wolford presented its first seamless nylon stockings, which began its pursuit to create tights that are comfortable by using the finest high-quality yarns. Additionally, in 1988 the Wolford Satin Touch was created, these sheer tights feel as soft as satin and give your skin a pure and elegant shimmer. They are available in 10 different colours and go up to size XXL, it’s been a best seller ever since!

Wolford Tights & Celebrities: A Love Affair

It’s hard to imagine a fashion brand that is a hit with both Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian, but that’s exactly what Wolford tights have managed to accomplish. The luxury brand is loved for their seamless tights that are curve hugging and soft to the touch. One of Wolford’s most popular tights is the Fatal 50 Seamless Tights, which give your legs complete coverage for a sleek and smooth style due to their matte look. Get a taste of the lavish lifestyle by purchasing a pair of Wolford Tights.

What Makes Wolford Tights A Staple Item?

Wolford tights are the perfect piece to add to your hosiery drawer, especially for winter occasions – where you need to add layers to brave the cold but want to keep your look streamlined. Wolford tights can refresh your daytime and work wear with its versatility and stylish designs. They have become a staple item for many reasons; one is for their well-known connection to the fashion industry – creating successful collaborations with fashion leaders including Helmut Newton, Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld (just to name a few). Wolford tights have become a fashion favourite to anyone who loves hosiery due to their luxurious feel and exquisite comfort.

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  1. Neon 40 Wolford Tights in Gobi with a gloss finish and luxury look
  2. Wolford Satin De Luxe Shiny Tights made from Luxury Yarns in Opaque 100 Denier
  3. Wolford Velvet De Luxe Opaque Tights
  4. Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights
  5. Wolford Merino Wool Tights
  6. Wolford Matt Opaque 80 Tights
  7. Wolford-Velvet-De-Luxe-66-Tights-black
  8. Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights
  9. Wolford Pure Shimmer 40 Concealer Shiny Tights
  10.  Wolford Satin 50 Opaque Tights
  11. Wolford Shield Patterned Tights
  12. wolford-sensation-leggings
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