Shiny Tights

If you love high gloss, shiny tights then the Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla range is perfect for you. This Spanish brand has created a collection of shiny tights using a special patented technique, which provides a sheer, oil finish for an absolutely flawless, high shine appearance on your legs, from toe to waist.

The Eterno Super Lucido Shiny tights have been designed without a waistband for a smooth, sleek finish and feature the famous Sevilla gloss technology for that extra shiny pantyhose look. These glossy shiny tights must be the shiniest shiny tights we've ever seen, giving your legs a freshly moisturised, healthy glow with anti-ladder technology allowing for extra durability, so they last longer. The reviews speak for themselves, shiny tights wearers just love them.

Gloss Tights

Whilst Cecilia de Rafael have an oil shine finish, giving an ultra shiny look, there are many other brands that shouldn’t be over looked when it comes to the best of shiny hosiery. For example, UK brands such as Charnos and Gipsy have some great shiny tights options - Gipsy's Metallic Shine 40 Denier Shiny tights are available in on trend colours such as rose gold, silver and pink and are made of high shine nylon giving a metallic shine finish. Shiny with metallic, satin, silky or oil shine finishes are also favoured by celebrities and even Royalty! The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and superstars such as Beyonce, J Lo and Katy Perry have all been pictured wearing shiny tights.

Shiny Black Tights

Shiny and glossy black shiny tights are a high fashion look that gives a polished, glamourous finish. Popular amongst the fashion set and oozing powerful, 80’s attitude. Wear with mini dresses, velvet and sequins to hit that opulent, high end look. It can be difficult to achieve the same glistening shine in black glossy shiny tights that can be seen in nude or tan shiny tights due to the darker dye, however picking a lighter denier will help get that shimmering finish.

Wolford Tights

The Wolford tights Satin 20 Shiny tights in Black have a beautiful finish and use soft yarns for a comfortable, smooth fit. Alternatively, a luxury product like Wolford tights Satin De Luxe use high quality materials to achieve super shine in heavier deniers too. 

The Benefits of Ultra Shiny & High Gloss Pantyhose

The sheen and shimmering finish of shiny pantyhose provide your legs with an immaculate appearance covering imperfections and unwanted blemishes, whilst the glossy yarns give your legs an elongated, irresistible look. Opt for lighter deniers of glossy shiny tights when the weather becomes warmer for an ultra sheer smooth leg look and choose from a range of shades to suit your skin tone for a healthy glow. Alternatively, shiny opaque shiny tights in higher deniers are a glamorous choice for wintertime as they will keep you warm without compromising style. 

We recommend Charnos 30 Denier Satin Opaque Shiny Tights, which are sheer to waist and have a subtle shine, making them an ideal choice for every day office wear underneath your work skirts and dresses. If you want a fun and flirty evening look, try the Cecilia De Rafael Uppsala Shiny tights as they offer a completely opaque shiny, disco pant look that is simply sensational! 

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