Multipack Tights

Multipack Tights For Any Occasion

We have multipack tights for any occasion that can take you straight from the office to a party environment. Save money on your favourite, staple hosiery items from opaque and sheer tights to everyday knee-highs and luxury promotional offers. Furthermore, we also have 2 pair pack stockings and hold ups for those important ladder emergencies. 

For everyday hosiery, our customers love the Charnos 24/7 Tights range, which comes in a variation of multipack offerings. If you're looking for a 3 pair pack of tights, we suggest starting off with Charnos' 24/7 15 Denier 3 Pair Pack Tights, they come in a variety of colours and at a low-value price. Get flawless legs with these durable multipack tights.

You can buy Gipsy Sheer Smooth Knit Tights in a 4 pair pack, meaning you won't have to worry about purchasing tights for a while because they’re great for office and everyday wear and available in 5 different colours! Save your money today with multipack tights and multipack socks.

Our exclusive, multipack bundles offer outstanding value. With savings of up to 80%, these multipack bundles are a great way to update your hosiery drawer or make great gifts for friends and loved ones.

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  1. Sensual Sexy Fiore Gift Set
  2. Wolford Care Face Mask 3 Pack
  3. Charnos Hosiery 24/7 Multipack Sheer Tights up to XL
  4. Miss Naughty Gift Set
  5. Wolford Fashion Gift Set
  6. Luxurious Wolford Gift Set
  7. Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Gloss Tights 3 Pair Pack
    Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Gloss Tights 3 Pair Pack
    Special Price £17.95 Regular Price £26.85
  8. Pamela Mann Star Seam Tights 3 Pair Pack
  9. Wolford Three Mask Set of Care, Silk and Lace Mask
  10. Wolford hosiery satin touch comfort multipack packaging
  11. Charnos 24/7 Shiny Tights 2 Pair Pack
  12. The Good Mask Company Ultimate Bundle
    The Good Mask Company Ultimate Bundle
    Special Price £19.95 Regular Price £24.95
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