Opaque Stockings

Opaque Stockings are continuing to grow in popularity as they look and feel great. A cosy finish with a high denier coverage, opaque stockings are perfect in the cooler months as a warmer option than sheer stockings but without the need to wear full tights. Levante's Suede Matt 50 Denier Stockings are very popular for their fantastic finish and warm feeling. Whilst Miss Naughty Opaque Plus Size Stockings are available up to XXXL, featuring a plain top and sheen finish - at a great price - ideal for any occasion. If you've never worn stockings, opaque stockings are a great place to start. Shop the collection today.

Wool Opaque Stockings

Here at The Tight Spot, we have hand-selected a few wool opaque stockings that are a must-have in your wardrobe. There are many benefits as to why wool opaque stockings are a fantastic choice for any hosiery lover. One of those benefits is that wool opaque stockings are incredibly soft to the touch and have a comfortable fit. Additionally, wool itself has natural elasticity, which helps opaque stockings stretch with you, yet return to its original shape. Keep warm all day long with wool opaque stockings

The Best Opaque Stockings That Are Perfect For Winter

When we think of winter, we mostly think about tights, scarves, gloves, large winter coats and a lot of layering. But have you ever thought about wearing opaque stockings rather than tights? Opaque stockings are a great alternative to opaque tights, especially if you find tights to be slightly uncomfortable with a saggy crotch area or the waistband to continuously roll down no matter how much you pull them up. Why not go for the Trasparenze Sandra Opaque Stockings, at 70 denier these opaque stockings will keep you both warm and stylish during the winter season. They are the perfect companion to any outfit from dresses to skirts, get them whilst stocks last.

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