Pamela Mann

Pamela Mann was first established in 1956, when a partnership with fashion icon Dame Mary Quant was formed. This put them at the forefront of the fashion industry and subsequently has gone on to produce some of the most iconic UK fashion tights and hosiery on the market today. This includes a fantastic plus size range from XL Fishnet Tights, XXXL Lace Top Stockings and Hold Ups as well as Plus Size Seamed Tights. You’ll find truly unique, quirky designs from this brand, including the ever-popular Suspender Tights, funky over the knee designs and classic jive seam tights, hold ups and stockings, all at affordable prices - perfect for a young, fashion-conscious woman.

With a great variety of patterned tights available for everyone and any occasion, from Halloween tights to Christmas pudding tights! Take the Cobweb Pattern Net Tights, available up to XXXL, these geometric patterned tights are great for special occasions or fancy dress. 

Pamela Mann Plus Size Tights

Pamela Mann is always improving on what they have created and have recently been working on creating bettern fitted plus size products such as the 50 Denier Maxi Tights, which feature light leg control, a wider thigh for comfort and support as well as a smooth, anti-roll waistband wtih a deep body rise. This achieves a plus size prdocut that is incredibly comfortable and flattering to wear. Always check our size chart to make sure you find the right pair for you. 

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  1.  Pamela Mann Jive Seam Tights Curve Super Stretch Up to 5XL
  2.  Pamela Mann Paisley Patchwork Patterned Tights
  3.  Pamela Mann Seamed Dotty Tights
  4.  Pamela Mann Orchid Leaf Patterned Tights
  5.  Pamela Mann Plus Size Lace Top Hold Ups
  6.  Pamela Mann Fishnet Tights
  7.  Pamela Mann Plus Size Lace Top Stockings - Available in XL & XXL
  8.  Pamela Mann Lace Panelled Tights
  9.  Pamela Mann 50 Denier Maxi Opaque Plus Size Tights
  10.  Pamela Mann Cornflower Blue Printed Tights
  11.  Pamela Mann Luxury Sheer Polka Dot Tights
  12.  Pamela Mann Seamed Dotty Stockings
  13.  Pamela Mann Jackson Plaid Tartan Tights
  14.  Pamela Mann Opaque Bodyfree Suspender Curvy Tights
  15.  Pamela Mann Jive Seamed Stockings - Also Available in XL, XXL & XXXL
  16.  Pamela Mann Plain Stripe Suspender Tights - Available in Medium,  XL & XXL
  17.  Pamela Mann Body Free Fishnet Suspender Tights
  18.  Pamela Mann Twickers Stripe Tights
    Pamela Mann Twickers Stripe Tights
    Special Price $6.14 Regular Price $8.63
  19.  Pamela Mann Goth Cross Tights
  20.  Pamela Mann Cobweb Patterned Tights
  21.  Pamela Mann Christmas Pudding Tights
    Pamela Mann Christmas Pudding Tights
    Special Price $8.63 Regular Price $11.11
  22.  Pamela Mann 50 Denier Footless Tights
  23.  Pamela Mann Plus Size Fishnet Lace Top Hold Ups
  24.  Pamela Mann Knee High Pom-Pom Welly Socks
    Pamela Mann Knee High Pom-Pom Welly Socks
    Special Price $6.14 Regular Price $12.35
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