Fashion Stockings

Fashion Stockings aren't just for the boudoir but can also transform your outfit and become the centrepiece to pull your look together. From patterned stockings to sassy seams - we have what you need. Here at The Tight Spot, we’ve handpicked the latest fashion stockings straight from the catwalks; including Italian inspired lace and sheer stockings by Trasparenze, retro glamour styles from Jonathan Aston’s vintage fashion stockings and sultry looks from Cecilia De Rafael. Shop our fashion stockings today.

History of Fashion Stockings

At the beginning of the 20th century, fashion stockings started to grow in popularity, this was due to the fact women’s skirts and dresses began to get shorter. Before this shift in women’s fashion, stockings were worn mainly for practicality; such as warmth rather than a fashion statement. Fashion stockings became a vital part of women’s fashion. As previously mentioned skirts and dresses were becoming shorter but it wasn’t acceptable for women to show off any skin, for a long time. However, trends have evolved and fashion stockings are now seen as an on-trend item worn through choice rather than necessity. Fashion stockings are now created with the intent of being aesthetically pleasing to both you and whoever is allowed to see them. However still keeping their main purpose of keeping your legs warm when wearing skirts and dresses throughout winter. In case you weren’t sure fashion stockings are held up with a suspender belt or garter, which keeps them in place around your thigh, additionally, fashion stockings will make you look and feel confidently seductive. Browse our collection of stunning fashion stockings today.

Fashion Stockings from Trasparenze

Trasparenze fashion stockings are the epitome of femininity and beauty; featuring designs such as delicate flowers, back seams and sparkling styles. Furthermore, Trasparenze's fashion stockings are perfect for eveningwear or an intimate occasion. We recommend Trasparenze Pennac Seamed Stockings for a gorgeous vintage style, available in black or nude. 

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