Party Tights

Party tights are the ultimate fashion accessory for all those special events where you want to look super glam! Explore our range of fabulous party tights for all occasions.

  1.  Trasparenze Las Vegas Fashion Tights
  2.  Oroblu Diamonds Glittery Tights
  3.  Oroblu Sparkly Backseam Tights
  4.  Trasparenze Brasilia Stripe Tights
  5.  Trasparenze Osaka Fashion Tights
  6.  Oroblu All Coloured 50 Tights
  7.  Marilyn Emmy Snow Tights
  8.  Fiore Provoke Seamed Stockings
  9.  Fiore Gold Rush 60 Denier Tights

    Fiore Gold Rush 60 Denier Tights

    Special Price £8.35 Regular Price £11.95
  10.  Wolford W Sheer Tights
  11.  Fiore Vanity 40 Denier Stockings
  12.  Oroblu Spiral Patterned Tights
  13.  Fiore Retro Blue Patterned Tights
  14.  Charnos All Over Sparkly Tights
  15.  Miss Naughty Metallic Shine Crotchless Tights
  16.  Trasparenze Ankara Patterned Tights
  17.  Trasparenze Samarcanda Over The Knee Tights
  18.  Marilyn Allure Zodiac Glitter Tights
  19.  Marilyn Dream Line Crystal Scatter Tights
  20.  Trasparenze Madrid Sparkly Tights
  21.  Amour Black Diamond Crotchless Tights
  22.  Amour French Kiss Tights Crotchless Over The Knee Tights
  23.  Wolford Floral Patterned Suspender Tights
  24.  Fiore Glossy 60 Denier Tights

Party tights are the ultimate fashion accessory for all those special events where you want to look super glam! Explore our range of fabulous party tights for all occasions.

What Are Party Tights?

Party: a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking and entertainment. Although within this definition they forget to mention it's also all about the fashion! It's always exciting to start thinking about what kind of outfit you're going to wear and party tights could be just the thing to complete your stylish look. Here at The Tight Spot, we have a great selection of party hosiery, from sparkly party tights to patterned hold-ups; in a wide range of colours and sizes. Moreover, if you like to dance the night away then our party tights, stockings and hold ups will keep you going. Shop our collection of party hosiery today.


Different Party Tights for Different Party Occasions

You can never really go wrong with a pair of tights for any event especially when you want to wear a dress or a skirt but don't want to be bare legged. We've chosen three pairs of party tights that go well with different events. First: The Holiday Party; this includes Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and other types of holiday celebrations. We recommend Trasparenze Vlinder Sparkle Hold Ups, these sparkly 20 denier glittering black hold ups are perfect for sparkle season! Second: Dinner Party; for a fancy dinner party where you want to impress, we recommend Cecilia De Rafael Chic Seamed Tights, stand out at your dinner party with these sophisticated yet sassy party tights. And thirdly: Birthday Party, we recommend some sparkly fishnet tights from Silky. If it's your birthday feel wonderful and confident with these sophisticated mock hold up party tights featuring a beautiful baroque, lace design.


Party Tights That Sparkle

Party tights have become quite popular in recent trends. Many iconic fashion A-listers have been spotted wearing sparkly party tights from Sarah Jessica Parker to Rihanna. Furthermore, sparkly party tights have become the epitome of brilliance and a fashion favourite because they’re so different from other tights and use metallic lurex to get that shiny look. Additionally, party tights are a great way to stand out at any event and can add a unique twist to your outfit. If you’re looking for your next party tights we recommend the customer favourite Trasparenze Vlinder Glitter Tights, these party tights are sure to make you shimmer on the dance floor. Shop our collection of party tights for a high fashion look.