Shiny Tights & Pantyhose

The sheen and shimmering finish of shiny pantyhose provide your legs with an immaculate appearance covering imperfections and unwanted blemishes, whilst the glossy yarns give your legs an elongated, irresistible look. Opt for lighter deniers of glossy shiny tights when the weather becomes warmer for an ultra sheer smooth leg look and choose from a range of shades to suit your skin tone for a healthy glow.

If you love high gloss, shiny tights then the Cecilia de Rafael ultra shiny tights range is perfect for you. This Spanish brand has created a collection of shiny tights using a special patented technique, which provides a sheer, oil finish for an absolutely flawless, high shine appearance on your legs, from toe to waist. 

Learn all about the Cecilia de Rafael shiny tights collection in our latest blog, where we delve into the shiny-ability of each style, deniers and the high-performing materials used.


Glossy Tights

Whilst Cecilia de Rafael have an oil shine finish, giving an ultra shiny look, there are many other brands that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to the best of shiny hosiery. For example, UK brands such as Charnos and Gipsy have some great glossy tights options to provide an extra shimmer to your legs.


Shiny Black Tights

Shiny and glossy black tights are a high fashion look that gives a polished, glamourous finish, which are popular amongst the fashion set and oozing powerful, 80’s attitude. Wear shiny black tights with mini dresses, velvet and sequins to hit that opulent, high end look. 


Nude Glossy Tights

To give your legs a flawless, second-skin look with a hint of shine, you’ll love our summer tights range. Our skin coloured tights are perfect for the warmer months for when you want extra coverage on your legs but still want to remain cool. They can even be worn in the autumn and winter season to get that bare look without compromising on a little warmth and comfort! 

The Tight Spot can make you shine for every occasion and we don't just sell tights! If you prefer shiny stockings, glossy hold ups or shimmering bodysuits, The Tight Spot has you covered.


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