Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Tights In Black or Fashion Styles

Fishnet tights have always been highly recognised for there sensual appeal or rock star status. They first emerged in the United States back in the 1920s but they were not a typical staple for a woman’s wardrobe. Fishnets were mostly exclusive to flapper and showgirls. In the 1970s fishnet tights became part of the punk scene that brought an entire aesthetic along with it into the world of fashion, the more rips fishnets had in the 70s the more punk you were. Fast-forward to present day and they have become a classic, everyday look.

In recent years fishnets have been a huge hosiery trend. Popular with A-list celebrities, fashion houses and high street shoppers. Notably, black fishnets are the most popular due to their versatility and simple effect, that can add an edge to any outfit. We have a large selection of black or fashion pantyhose for any preference you may have, from crotchless fishnet to oversized diamond net pattern pantyhose and more. 

Fishnet pantyhose have had the biggest comeback in the hosiery world. Boudoir, punk, rock or however you choose to categorise them, fishnet tights have been appearing on many street style fashionistas and celebs. Known for their versatility, fishnets will keep you looking stylish and cool. They’re a lot more interesting than black opaque tights and add a cool fashion-forward edge to any outfit - you don't have to be a model to pull them off either! Mix this classic style with floaty dresses or midi skirts for a quirky way to accompany your feminine look. 

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  1.  Trasparenze Ambra Luxury Fishnet Tights
  2.  Leg Avenue Duchess Lace Suspender Tights
  3.  Passion Honeycomb Net Strip Panty Tights
  4.  Leg Avenue Fishnet Wrap Crotchless Tights
  5.  Leg Avenue Scalloped Fishnet Suspender Tights
  6.  Falke Eden Women's Patterned Leggings
    Falke Eden Women's Patterned Leggings
    Special Price £19.95 Regular Price £27.95
  7.  Leg Avenue Thong Back Fishnet Tights
  8.  Leg Avenue Net Garterbelt Stocking Tights
  9.  Leg Avenue Wrap Around Crotchless Net Tights
  10.  Passion Loop Mock Suspender Patterned Tights
  11.  Wolford Net Stripe Footless Tights
  12.  Wolford Romance Net Catsuit
  13.  Passion Side Net Lace Crotchless Tights
  14.  Passion Net 12 Strap Suspender Tights
  15.  Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Lace Tights
  16.  Pamela Mann Orchid Leaf Patterned Tights
  17.  Crochet Net Wolford Tights
  18.  Falke Emotion Heart Net Patterned Tights
  19.  Trasparenze Silene Fishnet Strip Panty
  20.  Trasparenze Mauve Net Tights
  21.  Wolford Monogram Flower Net Tights
  22.  Wolford Net Roses Tights
  23.  Passion Lace Garter Crotchless Tights
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