Opaque Stockings

Opaque Stockings are continuing to grow in popularity as they look and feel great while the high denier coverage gives you a little more warmth in the cooler months. We have also selected a few wool opaque stockings that are a must-have if you love natural fibres and a cosy finish. There are many benefits as to why wool opaque stockings are a fantastic choice for any hosiery lover. One of those benefits is that wool is soft and cosy but also kind to skin - especially if you have intolerances to synthetic materials. 

The Best Opaque Stockings

Levante's Suede Matt 50 Denier Stockings are very popular for their fantastic finish and warm feeling.

Miss Naughty Opaque Plus Size Stockings are great as a plus size option, featuring a plain top and sheen finish at a great price - ideal for any occasion.

Trasparenze Sandra Opaque Stockings, at 70 denier these opaque stockings will keep you both warm and stylish during the winter season. They are the perfect companion to any outfit from dresses to skirts.

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  1.  Trasparenze Sandra Opaque Stockings
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