Glossy Stockings

Shiny or glossy stockings are known for their glamorous, elegant look. Their light reflecting qualities give a flawless, flattering finish to your legs with a smooth, silky touch. So how are they made? Most are created with Nylon, a material which was invented in 1930 by a scientist named Julian Hill. In 1940 the first stocking was created and were an instant hit. Nylon is a silky smooth thermoplastic, that’s strong and durable, which is also waterproof and fast drying, making it the perfect material for light weight coverage that's durable. The nylon is then put into a knitting machine that pulls together hundreds of nylon threads to weave the stocking.

We recommend Miss O Silky Stockings as these glossy stockings give your legs a healthy glow - pair them with a skirt and top to give a polished finish to your look as the silky yarns cover up unwanted blemishes or imperfections.

The new Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Shiny Stockings are our latest addition, they are made from high-quality yarns for an ultra shiny look. If you’re looking for leg perfecting and a high shine stocking then these are the ones for you. Currently available in three different shades: black, natural and moreno (which is a natural tan colour) and in plus sizes up to XL.

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  1.  Charnos Elegance Shiny Stockings
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