Bridal Stockings

A woman's wedding is possibly one of the most important and exciting days of their lives. And looking for bridal stockings can be the last item on a brides list, but nonetheless, it's great to have options. We've handpicked a small selection of high-quality bridal stockings for your big day; from lace top hold ups to luxury silk tights. Be swept off your feet by our luxurious bridal stockings collection, shop today without blowing your wedding budget!

Are Bridal Stockings Right For You?

There's more to bridal lingerie than just something white and frilly; you can choose from stunning bridal stockings to hold ups and even tights! If you've never worn stockings before, but you would love to wear them on your special day we suggest purchasing a pair of bridal stockings and wear them during a normal day to get the hang of the straps and buckles. On the other hand, if you're not interested in bridal stockings, we also have hold ups that are easier to wear with a silicone band inside to keep them nicely wrapped around your legs for maximum hold - look stunning in any pair of bridal stockings, that make you feel comfortable.

Bridal Stockings Colour Choices

When you think of weddings you think of the colour white; tradition says that we must wear white on our wedding day from the dress right down to the underwear. But the colour white doesn't suit everyone due to different skin tones, if you're pale you can become washed out in white but by choosing ivory bridal stockings, an off-white colour that will keep you within the tradition (if that's what you're going for). Additionally, if you're having a summer wedding and want to have your legs out but still want some coverage you can choose nude bridal stockings that give your legs a healthy glow. Search for your perfect bridal stockings, right here at The Tight Spot.

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    Charnos Floral Net Ivory Lace Hold Ups - Hosiery Outlet
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