Plus Size Hold Ups

In Black, Fishnet Styles & more

Plus size hold ups can be hard to find and those that you do find either don't stay up or they don't fit properly. Here at The Tight Spot, we’ve picked a selection of black, fishnet and other key plus size hold ups that have been crafted for a comfortable and flattering wear. Thigh high stay ups feature silicone bands inside plain or beautiful lace tops to stay fixed comfortably around your thighs, without the use of a garter belt. With special plus size features such as extra thigh width and wider, stronger silicon bands, these superior fit plus size hold ups will stay in place without squeezing the leg. This means the outline of your leg stays smooth without any bulging over the top of the hold ups. Also, specialist plus size brands will shape their products properly so the contour of your legs is met – avoiding sagging at the knees or ankles, giving a smooth, flush finish.

From lace top thigh highs to sheer hold-ups, all available in sizes between XL and 4XL our selection of plus size hold ups has lots of reviews for their fit and staying power to make sure you can find the best hold ups for large thighs. Michelle tried the Glamory Lace Top Hold Ups and said “These are the best, most comfortable, hold ups for a curvy leg! They are so flattering and comfy to wear all day.“ 

Have you ever wanted to rock fishnet hold ups but didn’t feel confident enough? Plus size fishnet hold ups offer a striking alternative to both sheer and opaque hold ups during the warmer months as they provide leg coverage but with more ventilation and an on trend, fashion look. We recommend fishnet hold ups from plus size hosiery guru’s Glamory and Pamela Mann. Choose Pamela Mann’s Plus Size Fishnet Seamed Lace Top Hold Ups for a traditional net finish or try an on-trend high fashion look with a wider fishnet from Glamory’s Mesh Net Lace Top Hold Ups, available up to 4XL.

How To Wear Plus Size Hold Ups Stockings

Plus size hold ups are favoured by those who want to achieve the sultry look of suspender belts and stockings but without the need for a garter belt, clips and fastenings. They also provide a comfortable alternative to tights as they allow for freedom of movement and ventilation around the hips and crotch, whilst still giving you the leg coverage you require.   

Always ensure you have chosen the correct size of hold ups for your thighs to achieve the best fit – this means checking the size chart carefully and also finding the brand that works for you. Sizes vary between brands so look for specific thigh width measurements. Stockings that are the correct size will not squeeze the thighs to create lumps and bumps or leave painful marks on the legs where the silicon is too tight. 

It is also important to consider the depth of the top band to make sure this is suitable for your size, shape and the how long you will be wearing the hold ups for.   

You should opt for wide silicone bands if you are going to be wearing them for hours at a time, for example, everyday use at work. However, you could probably choose an elasticated band style with a limited amount of hold if they are to be worn for a shorter timeframe, such as a romantic evening in.

To ensure your plus size hold ups last, handle them with care when putting them on (do not wear any jewellery and keep your nails manicured). The correct way to put on your XL stay ups is to turn the top band over before you roll them up your leg, so that the silicone on the inside does not come into contact with your skin or the hold up. Once they are in position mid thigh, flip the band over and smooth the silicone onto the leg for a secure fit. Wash your stay ups according to the instructions provided by the brand.  Do not use a fabric conditioner when washing them and hang the hold ups carefully to air dry.  Do not tumble dry or iron them.  It is important not to use any moisturisers, tanning products or talc powder on your legs prior to wearing the stay ups as this will affect the grip of the silicone and its longevity. 

Styling hold ups is easy, they are a versatile wardrobe accessory for any time of the year and for any event due to their ease of use and range of styles and deniers.  For example, we recommend Lida Lace Top XXL Hold Ups for a sophisticated look for a special event.  Pair these black plus size hold ups with a coloured dress, or a skirt and blouse for a glamorous finish.  Moreover, for a casual everyday look, we recommend Pamela Mann Plus Size 80 Denier Opaque Hold Ups.  These opaque stay ups are a great substitute for tights and are warm enough for winter.  Wear these plus size hold ups with a black skirt and long sleeved shirt.  On the wet streets of London, plus size opaque hold ups uk weather proofing can sometimes be needed! Feel confident and look feminine in secure, well fitted plus size hold ups.

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