Feel and look stylish with our athleisure clothing range. Athleisure clothing is a fashionable sporty-style that supports and enhances your figure whilst also being super comfortable and flexible to wear out-and-about or at the gym. Get cheeky with the active look without having to put in the hard work in!


Whether you’re into gentle walks, home workouts, intense gym classes or just like that athleisure aesthetic, we’ve got you covered with our range of leggings, sporty tops and women’s fitness wear. Wear with your favourite trainers and you’re good to go!

Activewear was once only designed to be functional for exercising, but now women’s activewear can be both functional and stylish! If you’re looking for a minimalistic look when it comes to your gym wear, we have a range of simple black activewear pieces such as the Wolford Perfect Fit Leggings which are very popular amongst our customers. Looking for something bold and motivating?  Why not try our Wolford Alexa Lace Leggings. Whatever your athleisure needs may be, we have a range of women’s activewear to suit your style. Our Wolford collection is one of our favourite athleisure ranges. 

Sustainable Athleisure

 As people become more environmentally conscious, it is important that fashion keeps up. Athleisure nowadays can be practical, stylish and sustainable. You will find some of our sustainable activewear pieces are made from biodegradable components. One of our favourite sustainable fashion items is the Wolford Aurora Leggings which is a sporty style athleisure pieces that can be worn to the gym or styled for every-day wear while saving the planet.

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