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Wolford is one of the worlds leading brands for leg luxury. Additionally, Wolford hosiery has been at the top of hosiery lover’s wish list for years due to their supreme quality, excellent design and wonderful feel. Produced using innovative knitting technology, Wolford’s sleek, stylish tights have been on catwalk models for many of the world’s biggest fashion names. Moreover, our Wolford Outlet offers a selection of high-quality luxury hosiery styles at near wholesale prices by offering 80% off modern styles and classic looks made from the best materials. Grab yourself a luxury bargain whilst stocks last from the Wolford outlet. Don't miss out on owning fabulous Wolford hosiery for the best prices online. Shop the Wolford outlet today!

Premium Wolford Outlet at Wholesale Prices

The Wolford brand is loved by A-listers, models and everyday people because of their distinctive and innovative creations that keep women feeling confident and comfortable. Using high quality soft knitted yarns and the most forward-thinking machinery to create hosiery that fits perfect on any shape or size. Here you'll find an extensive collection of premium Wolford hosiery at near wholesale prices because you deserve to feel happy, stylish and own a pair of your very own Wolford hosiery right from our Wolford outlet.

Wolford Outlet: Always on Trend

Wolford is famous for producing high-quality legwear and for using innovative knitting and finishing techniques, which makes their hosiery distinctive and original. Additionally, for over 65 years Wolford is a renowned leader in the legwear fashion world with high-quality fabrics, seamless finishes and the ultimate in comfort. Our Wolford outlet is constantly changing but always on trend from fishnet tights to opaques and more, you'll find them right here.

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  1. Wolford Crystal Blaze Glitter Tights
    Wolford Crystal Blaze Glitter Tights
    Special Price £26.95 Regular Price £38.95
  2. Wolford Electric Affair Tights
    Wolford Electric Affair Tights
    Special Price £26.95 Regular Price £38.95
  3. Wolford Tess Patterned Tights
    Wolford Tess Patterned Tights
    Special Price £17.95 Regular Price £29.00
  4. Wolford Beatrice Polka Dot Tights
    Wolford Beatrice Polka Dot Tights
    Special Price £23.95 Regular Price £38.95
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