Face Masks For Men

Face masks have become an everyday accessory during the Coronavirus pandemic, but studies show that men are less inclined to wear a face mask due to many reportedly believing they will be mostly unaffected by Coronavirus. Ironically, statistics suggest that unfortunately the opposite is the case. Wearing a face mask doesn’t need to be a chore - we have lots of men’s fashion face masks for sale which will keep you safe while still looking cool. All our men’s fabric face masks are of premium quality, so they will make a great little gift for your boyfriend, husband, father or to yourself! 

Black Fabric Face Mask For Men

Black isn’t only the easy choice to look stylish and remain casual, it is also very practical. It will appear fresher for longer and all of our black face masks are machine washable – win! Our favourite black face masks for men are:

Blackspade 3D Spacer Mens Face Mask in Black

San Pellegrino Reusable Face Mask in Black (Unisex)

Falke 2 Pair Pack Mens Black Face Mask 

Ear Loop Face Mask For Men

It is important that a face mask fits close to the face in order to be the most effective. As men generally have a larger face than women, we have a selection of men’s fabric face masks with adjustable ear loops. Additionally, we have large face masks specifically designed for men’s face shapes. Our favourite large face masks and adjustable face masks are:

Katie May Protected AF Men’s Face Mask

Fiore Moro Camouflage Hygiene Mask for Men and Women

Wolford Care Mask in Black for Men and Women

Please note that these masks are not PPE, The Tight Spot does not claim any medical benefits of using these products. Therefore please still follow and practice all relevant social distancing guidelines. Masks cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons.

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  1. Falke 2 Pair Pack Mens Face Mask
  2. San Pellegrino Reusable Face Mask
  3. Tartan Boxer & Mask Set
  4. Blackspade 3D Spacer Mens Face Masks
  5. Katie May Protected AF Mens Face Mask
  6. Slanj Homeless Charity Tartan Mask
  7. Wolford hosiery care mask in black
  8. Wolford Care Face Mask 3 Pack
  9. Face Mask Filters Pack of 3
  10. Fiore Moro Camouflage Hygiene Mask
  11. Slanj Grey Tartan Patterned Face Mask
  12. Slanj Blue Stewart Tartan Face Mask
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