Fashion Face Masks

As the world readjusts to a new way of living many people are being advised, or choosing, to wear face masks when in public spaces - especially when in shops, on public transport or whilst at work. Use code MASK10 for 10% OFF

How cloth face masks work

Wearing a face mask protects the spread of viral disease and illnesses. The virus that causes such illnesses are spread on the droplets in our breath, coughs or sneezes so a cloth face masks contains the wearers droplets from entering the atmosphere or landing on surfaces. Protective face masks can be made from many different materials. With medical grade surgical masks being reserved for front line workers, fabric face masks (which are washable and reusable) are effective alternatives for the general public. You will see in the descriptions that the masks we stock feature a double layered construction and some even a water repellent finish. This means that any breath droplets cannot penetrate the material and that protection is not compromised by the material becoming damp. You can read more about why and how to wear face masks here, as well as learn some helpful tips - such as how to avoid your glasses steaming up!

What are the best earloop face masks?

It is important that a face mask fits close to the face to be effective. It is also vital that the mask is comfortable so that you don't have to touch or fiddle with the fitting once the face mask is in place. Our range of fabric masks have soft, elasticated ear loops that are kind on the skin for a comfortable wear. Also, some designs, such as the Wolford Care Mask, feature an adjustable, metal strip at the nose so you are able to fit the mask tightly to your own face shape. Whilst the point of wearing a mask is more important than its style credentials, it is fact that we are likely to be wearing the masks for many months to come, so it is important that you feel happy and confident in the mask you choose. Treat yourself to a luxury finish with Wolford's black face mask or try a fun, patterned design such as the Fiore Leopard Print Mask which has earloops or TLC Butterfly fashion face masks which has adjustable headstraps.

Stylish Black Face Masks

Black is not only a stylish choice, it's also practical. Keeping a black face mask looking fresh is easier than lighter coloured masks - especially for ladies wearing make up. All our fabric masks are washable so a darker colour means no concerns with colour blending in the wash and offers a unisex finish, so can be worn by the whole family (washed and dried between wears of course!). Falke's Sporty Look, 2 Pair Pack masks are machine washable and available in black or blue. Have one in the wash and one ready to wear so you're always ready to go!

Please note that these masks are not PPE, The Tight Spot does not claim any medical benefits of using these products. Therefore please still follow and practice all relevant social distancing guidelines. Masks cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons.

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