Black Face Masks

Keep things easy with a black face mask. Not only is it a simple but stylish choice, it is also very practical. All of our black fabric face masks are machine washable so you can keep them fresher for longer in a quick and easy way. Perfect for the whole family.

Black Face Masks with Ear Loops

It is important that a face mask fits close to the face in order to create the most effective barrier between your airways and airborne bacteria and viruses. We sell lots of black masks that have elasticated ear loops ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit. Some of our favourites include the Falke Face Masks and San Pellegrino Face Masks. If this isn’t enough, we also have ear loops with adjustable straps. These masks are perfect if you’re unsure on what size to get or if you have to wear your mask for long periods of time. We recommend the Katie May Protected AF Mask.

Black Face Masks with Nose Wires

Nose wires help fit your mask to your face that little bit better. While all of our masks are protective face coverings, those with nose wires means you can shape the malleable metal piece inside the fabric, to the shape of your nose. This will mean it fits even closer to your face creating a more effective barrier.

Please note that these masks are not PPE, The Tight Spot does not claim any medical benefits of using these products. Therefore please still follow and practice all relevant social distancing guidelines. Masks cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons.

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  1.  Katie May Luxury Protected AF Fashion Ladies Face Mask
    Katie May Luxury Protected AF Fashion Ladies Face Mask
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