Sheertex Tights

With patent-pending technology, Sheertex tights is one of the most durable pantyhose brands available. When looking for tights that last, choosing Sheertex will give you environmentally friendly tights that stretch and twist without breaking. The Sheertex pantyhose range includes sheer tights, opaque tights, and black tights as well as sheer hold ups and thigh highs. Named one of TIMES best inventions, Sheertex tights have been tested and proven to be wearable up to 50 times, making them a top sustainable tights brand!

For everyday wear we recommend the Sheertex Classic 30 or for a gorgeous hold ups look, we recommend the Sheertex Thigh Highs

Not only are Sheertex tights high quality, they also reduce the number of tights you’ll get through each year making them environmentally friendly tights too. With over two billion pairs of pantyhose thrown away each year, choosing durable pantyhose brands like Sheertex is an ethical tights choice that contributes to sustainable fashion. Whilst one pair of Sheertex tights has a higher price point than many hosiery items, the cost per wear and longevity of this brand result in great money savings in the long term. 

The Tight Spot is pleased to be working with Sheertex to bring these tights that last to our hosiery lovers across the globe. We know you will love this sustainable pantyhose addition to your closet! The Tight Spot is also the UK and European exclusive reseller of Sheertex so you won’t find these sustainable tights available anywhere else in these regions!

Are Sheertex Tights Comfortable? 

Sheertex sizing is inclusive and ranges from XS to 3XL making Sheertex tights comfortable for all body shapes and sizes.  Sheertex Tights boasts a range of additional benefits, aside from being super strong and durable. Sheertex is antimicrobial, meaning that the material offers protection against bacteria and mold, which ultimately extends the life of the fabric while maximising comfort.  Sheertex tights are water-resistant, so while these tights won’t keep your skin dry against rain or snow, the fabric has been treated to repel water which adds comfort on rainy days. In our opinion, this all makes Sheertex worth it!

How Long Do Sheertex Tights Last? 

Sheertex tights have been tested and proven to be wearable up to 50 times and there are many reviews which claim Sheertex pantyhose can last much longer than this too, making them one of the most durable pantyhose brands.  Sheertex is made from a proprietary fiber that uses one of the world’s strongest polymers. The material is traditionally found in sailing and climbing equipment, and is 10 times stronger than steel. In fact, Sheertex tights material is so strong that traditional machinery couldn’t handle the manufacturing, which is why Sheertex built its own Canadian facility. 

Sheertex tights are machine washable, but it is recommend that you use a hosiery or delicates bag (or even a pillow case) to protect the smoothness of the product, or even hand wash if you prefer. This will make your Sheertex Tights last even longer! 

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  1.  Sheertex Classic Sheer Unbreakable Tights
  2.  Sheertex Classic Sheer Unbreakable Thigh Highs
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