Pierre Mantoux

Pierre Mantoux is a beautiful, Italian brand with products that have exquisite details and finishes for an all over luxury look and feel. A big name in hosiery, the Pierre Mantoux brand dates back to 1932 and this wealth of knowledge has given way to partnerships with some of the fashions leading brands, including Mary Quant who designed the first mini skirt during the 60s. Fabulous fashion tights and stunning everyday styles are known for this high-end brand. Furthermore, try the high shine Eclatant Glossy Tights for a gloss, polished look. Italian hosiery that's been seen on fashions biggest icons, from Princess Diana to Sarah Jessica Parker. You too can feel like a celebrity by shopping our Pierre Mantoux collection today.

Pierre Mantoux Hosiery Are The Best Fashion Tights

Pierre Mantoux has been around for over 86 years making it one of the oldest hosiery manufacturers in history. Therefore this has allowed Pierre Mantoux to become experts in their field from designing to producing. Although Pierre Mantoux creates many different hosiery styles from opaque to sheers. The hosiery that stands out the most to this day is their fashion tights. Created with unique and sophisticated designs, from on-trend floral embroidery to unusual diamond patterned tights. You will find something that excites you.

Pierre Mantoux Hosiery, Where The Customer Comes First

When it comes to producing their tights, Pierre Mantoux always puts the customer first. They listen and encourage everyone to give suggestions on how Pierre Mantoux hosiery should be like and how it should fit you perfectly. Pierre Mantoux is known for their impeccable designs and out of the box styles that look phenomenal on your legs and feel soft to the touch due to their high-quality materials. Browse our striking collection of Pierre Mantoux hosiery today.

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  1. Pierre Mantoux Bianca Patterned Tights
  2. Pierre Mantoux Irina Patterned Tights
  3. Pierre Mantoux Kendall Patterned Tights
  4. Pierre Mantoux Aiden Hold Ups
  5. Pierre Mantoux Candice Leggings
  6. Pierre Mantoux Joan Patterned Tights
  7. Pierre Mantoux Eclatant Glossy 40 Tights
  8. Pierre Mantoux Ines Striped Side Leggings
    Pierre Mantoux Ines Side Striped Leggings
    Special Price £56.95 Regular Price £80.95
  9. Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 100 Footless Tights
  10. Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 50 Hold Ups
  11. Pierre Mantoux Tulle Collo Alto Bodysuit
    Pierre Mantoux Tulle Collo Alto Sheer Bodysuit
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  12. Pierre Mantoux Nassa Fishnet Tights
    Pierre Mantoux Nassa Fishnet Tights
    Special Price £12.95 Regular Price £17.95
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