Oroblu has a rich history of creating the best high quality and fine design Italian hosiery. Founded in 1973, Oroblu are known for producing high fashion, elegant leg wear that celebrates women's femininity through innovative hosiery designs. Their fabulous fashion style are the perfect party hosiery. Oroblu is loaded with elegant funky fashion tights and stay ups for a show-stopping look. Shop the collection today.

Oroblu Funky Patterned Tights

To hosiery lovers, Oroblu is a name that they will know and love because of their groundbreaking funky patterned tights that will give your legs a new life by dressing them up with fun yet sophisticated patterned tights. If you’re into fashion and love tights, adding Oroblu to your outfits will revamp your look and tie your outfit together. Here at The Tight Spot, we hand pick every Oroblu design based on their on-trend look and sleek designs. If this is your first time trying out some high-quality Oroblu products we recommend Oroblu Diamond Logo Opaque Tights, these tights have a unique design that accentuates your legs and gives an all over coverage due to their 90 denier yarns. Nevertheless, Oroblu is a hosiery favourite to many fashion conscious women.

Oroblu Is Italy’s Finest Hosiery

Oroblu is renowned for its Italian quality and fine design on the international scene. Oroblu creates high quality and fashion-forward products for women who enjoy the lavish lifestyle and want to add some luxury to their wardrobe. Additionally, highlight your curves and enhance your femininity with Oroblu Italian tights. Choose Oroblu basic sheer tights that are effortlessly chic and for any occasion. If you want something that is striking yet sophisticated we recommend Oroblu Magie 20 Shiny Tights, these tights have a gorgeous shine finish and are availiable in great colours and up to size XXL or Maxi! Oroblu has become the most well established Italian hosiery manufacturers and designers for the innovative designs and fashion forward styles. Browse our collection of Oroblu today.

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  1. Oroblu Dahlia Opaque Floral Tights
  2. Oroblu Square Plaid Patterned Tights
  3. Oroblu Sketch Ribbed Tights
  4. Oroblu All In One Multicolour Tights
  5. Oroblu Camellia Floral Ankle High Socks
  6. Oroblu Revolution Sparkle Tights
  7. Oroblu Diamond Logo Opaque Tights
    Oroblu Diamond Logo Opaque Tights
    Special Price £13.95 Regular Price £19.95
  8. Oroblu Fishnet & Colour Tights Glamour Set
    Oroblu Fishnet & Colour Tights Glamour Set
    Out of stock
  9. Oroblu Graphic Tribal Patterned Tights
    Oroblu Graphic Tribal Patterned Tights
    Special Price £13.95 Regular Price £19.95
  10. Oroblu PNC Wet Leather Look Black Jeggings
    Oroblu PNC Wet Leather Look Jeggings
    Special Price £34.95 Regular Price £49.95
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