Jonathan Aston Tights

Jonathan Aston Tights is a British brand established in the 1960’s, known for its fashion-forward legwear which has been popular with fashion It girls ever since it began production. Their mix of new fashion and vintage style hosiery is popular around the world, due to its timeless appeal. We recommend the Jonathan Aston Diva Fishnet Tights or their latest fashion tights for an on-trend look or go vintage with Sweet Roses Lace Tights, Fishnet Thigh Highs or Seamed Stockings. The most fashionable Jonathan Aston tights range is available here at The Tight Spot.

Jonathan Aston Tights Will Unleash The Flapper Girl Within You

Channel your inner Flapper Girl with our collection of Jonathan Aston Tights. If you didn’t know Flappers were a generation of young Western women in the 1920s who wore short skirts, seamed tights, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz music, and flaunted their disdain. Jonathan Aston Tights embodies that in their fashion tights collection, using vintage style materials, which includes lace, sheer and nylon. For a 1920s look, we recommend Jonathan Aston Fishnet Backseam Tights, maximising the fishnet look with a backseam to add sophistication and demure to your style. Old-fashioned glamour has never been more appealing, whatever your age, a hint of lace and sensual seams never lose their appeal.

Jonathan Aston Tights For A Vintage Style

Jonathan Aston tights also specialise in vintage seamed items with designs that are inspired by the early 20th Century. Marilyn Monroe's retro pin-up style is always present amongst Jonathan Aston tights range. We recommend the Jonathan Aston New Seam & Heel Stockings, a perfect mixture of modern and vintage styles together to create a gorgeous piece of hosiery. Perfect for a party or a 1920’s inspired ball.

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