Esbelt Slimming Corsets

Esbelt is a Brazilian family-owned business established over 45 years ago, which has allowed Esbelt to gain knowledgeable expertise on shapewear and waist trainers. They are known for creating the most innovative and high quality slimming corsets for females and males around the world. The essence of the Esbelt brand is to literally re-shape the functional lingerie industry. They do this by creating sexy, bold and empowering products that not only promises to give an instant slimming result but give you the confidence you need to feel beautiful in your own skin.

Esbelt Is The High-End Shapewear Garment You Need

Esbelt’s Brazilian Bodywear has been designed to celebrate your beauty, with its unique technology that fuses a thin layer of cotton with a natural rubber into a single layered, compressive fabric. Esbelt is the only functional lingerie that offers beauty and health in a single product. While the shapewear reduces inches off of your waistline in seconds, it also supports your back and relieves pain. There are are many additional benefits to Esbelt’s slimming corset, including lifting the breasts, assisting in weight loss, correcting your posture and assisting with postnatal recovery.

Esbelt – Why Celebrities Love This Slimming Corset Brand

Celebrities love Esbelt shapewear because it really sculpts your figure and holds in your stomach, making you look slimmer. Furthermore, Fashion Guru Gok Wan and Celebrity Stylist Faye Sawyer have endorsed Esbelt for its confidence-boosting qualities. During Gok Wan’s Channel 4 show ‘How to look good naked’ he would recommend Esbelt to give a womanly shape whilst Faye Sawyer has used Esbelt slimming corsets to help reshape the figures of X Factor hopefuls and ITV’s ‘Take me out’ contestants over the years. Esbelt has become a definite lingerie staple due to its unique and innovative technology, which offers superior shaping results and long-term benefits to help shape not only your curves but also your confidence.

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