Couture Hosiery

Couture hosiery has been creating affordbale luxury hosiery for over 15 years. Designed to flatter and enhance the female form; the Couture Hosiery collection features gorgeous hosiery styles that are perfect for a date night or an elegant event. Styles include the ultra gloss tights, stockings and hold-ups, which have become a favourite for those who love their hosiery shiny and silky smooth. Shop our collection of Couture Hosiery today.

Couture Hosiery Is A Must Have Date Night Lingerie

There are different ways that you can dress up for your hot date with Couture hosiery. Although the outfit you choose is important when going on a date, the lingerie is a major key to feeling confident and comfortable; it's worth being prepared for what may come. Furthermore, Couture hosiery is the perfect date night lingerie because of the luscious finish of the sheer shine stockings and hold ups, which are subtly sexy and will draw attention to your gorgeous legs. 

How To Style Couture Hosiery 

Our collection of Couture hosiery features lace, sheer and high gloss for leg coverage to die for. There are different ways that you can style these pieces of Couture hosiery from work to the bedroom! We recommend Couture Ultra Gloss Tights - at work, their smooth finish will give you a polished look whilst the spandex content will keep them firmly in place. Wear on date night with a mini dress and ooze sophisticated, luxury style. Choose Couture Hosiery for those special moments.

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