Charnos Tights

Charnos boasts over 50 years of experience, which is reflected in the quality and affordability of the brand's hosiery. From Knee Highs to Stockings and Hold Ups, offer women of all ages the perfect legwear for any occasion. For example the Charnos Satin 30 Tights  are a soft sheen finish favourite, because of their comfortable wear, which is perfect for a Autumnal day.

Getting 2 pairs of Charnos Tights at a great value price! Here at The Tight Spot, we have a lovely selection of 2 pair packs of Charnos hosiery from tights, stockings to knee-highs and hold-ups for the perfect fit. Make sure their quality pieces are created for the modern, fashion-conscious woman that will always feel confident and comfortable in one of their styles. Get Kate Middletons signature shimmering legs with Charnos 24/7 Gloss Tights 2 pair pack

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  1. Charnos Elegance Tights
  2. Charnos_New_Simply_Bare_No_Toes_Tights
  3. Charnos Hosiery 24/7 Multipack Sheer Tights up to XL
  4. Charnos Firm Energising Compression Support Tights
  5. Charnos Satin 30 Denier Sheer Black Tights
  6. Charnos 24/7 15 Denier Stockings 2 Pair Pack
  7. Charnos 24/7 15 Denier 3 Pair Pack Sheer Tights, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  8. Charnos 24/7 15 Denier Lace Top Hold Ups 2 Pair Pack
  9. Charnos_New_Simply_Bare_Sideria_Tights
  10. Charnos New Simply Bare Hold Ups
  11. Charnos 24/7 Shiny Tights 2 Pair Pack
  12. Charnos Fashion Ankle High Socks Two Pair Pack
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