Sustainability is one of the biggest buzzwords in the fashion industry. While you might be thinking of ditching fast fashion for an eco-friendlier approach, one aspect of our wardrobe is often goes overlooked - our tights.

How often do you buy a pair of tights and use them only once? Do you buy a pair and find a ladder in them after only a few wears? We’re sharing why sustainability matters and our top 5 picks for sustainable tights that you can find on The Tight Spot.

The 5 Must-Have Sustainable Tights

We all need to play our part in helping to create a more sustainable fashion industry. At The Tight Spot, we’re doing our bit by promoting our sustainable tights category. You can focus your shopping on our curated range of ethical tights that use sustainably sourced or recycled fabric.


  1. Sheertex Unbreakable Tights


If you're seeking an unbreakable, long-lasting, extremely durable pair of tights to get you through season after season, whilst also protecting the environment then Sheertex is the answer! These renowned tights are designed using Sheertex technology, meaning they are crafted from a unique yarn which does not break or rip. Versatilty is key with the Sheertex Unbreakable tights, as they can be worn on multiple occassions, including work, everday, parties and more.


  1. Cecilia de Rafael Sublime Recycled Sheer Shine Tights

recycled sheer shine tights

When we talk about slow fashion, we have to think about how often we wear out clothing. For most of us, nude tights are the style we reach for every day. These sheer shine tights by Cecilia de Rafael are made using recycled nylon and other materials.  


  1. Pretty Polly Biodegradable Spot Tights

Pretty Polly biodegradable tights

Shopping for sustainable fashion means looking for biodegradable fabrics that won’t sit in landfills for years to come. Pretty Polly offers one of our favourite pairs of biodegradable tights – complete with a quirky but subtle polka dot design. What makes these eco-friendly tights a must-have is their built-in floral briefs.


  1. Aurora 15 Wolford Tights

aurora 15 wolford sustainable tights

Another option for everyday eco-friendly tights is the ‘Aurora’ style by Wolford Tights. The brand is one of the best for sustainable tights and the perfect investment for your everyday fashion. These 15 denier tights offer a slight shine finish that makes them a workwear staple.


  1. Wolford Crochet Net Tights

wolford crochet net tights

It’s easy to think that eco-friendly tights are classic everyday styles. If you want something fun, flirty, and feminine, we’ve got a pair for you! These crochet tights from Wolford are a transitional style that you can wear every season. Best of all – they’re made using recycled yarns.


Why Sustainability Matters

If you want to embrace slow fashion, it’s time to start investing in sustainable and eco-friendly tights. Most of the tights you’ll find on the high street are made using synthetic fibres that will quickly wear and tear.

Most of these tights are destined for landfill after only a few wears. Research suggests that over two billion pairs of tights are disposed of every year. The best way to create a more sustainable fashion industry is to make informed choices and choose eco-friendly tights made using recycled or ethically sourced fabrics.

Help us create a more sustainable fashion industry by shopping our eco-friendly tights here.



Buy Less, Buy Better, Wear More! 

Sheertex Classic Sheer Unbreakable Tights £77.95 

Sheertex Classic Opaque Unbreakable Tights £62.95

Sheertex Classic Sheer Unbreakable Thigh Highs £46.95



Every day fashion tights just got sustainable! Oroblu has a range of sustainable fashion tights which includes patterned tights made from recycled materials. FALKE has also launched a sustainble tights range with pantyhose made using recyled materials. 

Oroblu Eco Sneaker Style Pyramid Tights £16.95

Oroblu Eco Sneakers Natural Piquet Tights £18.95